Painting Update – 17th September 2020

I actually finished this model a couple of weeks ago, but have had some issues taking a photo – this one is pretty bad, but the best I can do at the moment. Hopefully I can get a better one when I finally get to field the army on the table.

This is the Emmasarius from the Ex-Illis range, whose models make up my Demonic warband for Saga: Age of Magic.

Whilst the warband doesn’t need this particular model to be complete, it makes for a nice centrepiece to the army, as it’s huge (About 9″ tall). It means that I have now finished two complete Saga armies this year – perhaps not huge numbers, but pretty decent for me.

I was pleased with how it came out – I used a mix of GW Contrast paints and more traditional paint/wash methods one the model. The main colour was Contrast Flesh Tearer Red, which gives a wonderful deep red colour.

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