Painting Update – 21st September 2020

Following the completion of a couple of Saga Age of Magic armies, I decided to reward myself by painting the miniatures from the latest expansion to the Lords of the Rings: Journeys in Middle Earth expansion from Fantasy Flight GamesShadowed Paths. Since I have painted all the miniatures from the base set, I cannot really add this expansion until all these miniatures have also been painted – the downside of painting boardgame miniatures I suppose.

This expansion covers Mirkwood and Moria, so expect more Goblins, Orcs and Trolls (coming soon) plus Giant Spiders and other gribblies.

We have Giant Spiders…

These were painted with a mix of GW Contrast paints, Army Painter washes and Foundry Spearstaff – something of an experiement in washing and drybrushing.

Undead – I think they are called Oathbreakers in the game…

I first painted these using an Army Painter Green Wash over a GW Wraithbone basecoat, followed by an Army Painter Bone drybrush. However, I thought the green was a little dark and uninteresting, so I added a second wash of GW Striking Scorpion Green diluted mixed 1:3(ish) with Contrast Medium, and then drybrushed again. This gave a more pleasing glow to the miniatures (I don’t have any fluorescent green paint)

And Nameless Things – large burrowing worms…

The worms were painted mainly with GW Contrast Paint. Carapace and claws were painted in Skeleton Horde whilst the flesh was first painted in Darkoath Flesh, followed by a coat of Magos Purple. Since Magos Purple is a very translucent paint, it gives a pleasing glaze whilst deepening the brown colour underneath. The teeth were picked out in white and then given an AP Soft Tone wash.

These have been fun and quick to paint – I am about half way through the ‘baddies’ so should make good progress this week.

1 Comment on Painting Update – 21st September 2020

  1. Your fantasy collection really is coming along quite nicely

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