Painting Update – 12th October 2020

In the past week I have managed to complete my painting of the miniatures from the Shadowed Paths expansion to Journeys in Middle Earth by Fantsy Flight Games – I can now safely add the expansion into the app without any danger of an unpainted miniature appearing on our gaming board (The Horror!

First off was the ‘Ungoliant Spawn’. I think the colour scheme for spiders can be quite difficult, as they are essentially dark brown. I used Cygor Brown and Wyldwood Contrast Paints quite heavily on this, and then gave the rear body a thin coat of Contast Magos Purple to add a bit of putrid colour to the mix. It sort of works.

Next up was the Balrog miniature. This is quite small for a Balrog but no less intimidating. I was very much influenced by the phrase ‘Shadow and Flame’ with this miniature – I wanted the body to be very dark except for the flaming bits. The body and wings were given a coat of Contrast Black Templar, followed by a coat of Contrast Leviadon Blue.

The flames were painted using a mix of Contrast Paint Iyanden Yellow, Gryph-Hound Orange and Blood Angels Red, using some blending to try and get a smooth flame effect.

The whole model was then given a drybrush of Revel Aqua Colour Tar Black – this toned down the sheen on the black body and added some highlights, whilst at the same time adding some sooty tips to the flames.

The final task was to paint the 5 new heroes. From left to right they are Balin, Dis, Gandalf, Arwen and Elaneor.

I wanted to use a number of Contrast paints with these miniatures, as I was curious what type of finish they would give me. I think success was mixed, though I was generally pretty pleased with the results.

Whilst the sculpt of Dis is pretty horrid – she looks more like something from Warhammer 40,000 rather than fantasy, the model did prove that a) Darkoath Flesh is a good colour for Dwarven Flesh and b) Aggaros Dunes is great for blonde hair.

My favourite figure by far was Gandalf, which I painted up in around ninety minutes using almost exclusively Contrast Paint – the hat was a mix of Space Wolf Grey and Leviadon Blue. The only question I still have is whether I should have reversed the colours for the robe and cloak. I have subsequently cleaned up the puddle of paint on the scabbard btw.

I started painting these miniatures in mid-September, so I am quite pleased with my progress – especially since I had a break of almost a week in the middle – 30 more figures to added to the end-of-year tally!

2 Comments on Painting Update – 12th October 2020

  1. mcdouglas2015 // October 13, 2020 at 20:01 // Reply

    All looking good, agree Gandalf is very nice. With the Balrog did you do the flame bits after the dark “exterior” then? Looks effective anyway.👍

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