Painting Progress – 14th January 2021

After several weeks in the hobby doldrums, I have finally managed to get some miniature painting done, so my figure count for 2021 has begun.

First off are twenty Goblin Spearmen. These are from the Oathmark Goblin Infantry box set, and form part of my Goblin army for games such as Saga: Age of Magic. They are painted almost exclusively using GW Contrast Paints, except for the metallics and spears – something of an experiment on whether I could get an army looking half decent using mainly Contrast paints. So far, so good.

Next up are the three characters from the Journeys in Middle Earth ‘Dwellers in Darkness’ pack. These are ‘boss’ miniatures for the FFG Boardgame, and now means that I have painted all the figures for this game and it’s expansion.

3 Comments on Painting Progress – 14th January 2021

  1. Very well done! Looking great. What does your total collection of painted fantasy miniatures consist of now?

    • That is a very good question, as it would include my Rangers of Shadow Deep stuff. Probably around 250(ish). I have lots more to paint this year – to be honest, I am enjoying painting fantasy and sci-fi much more than historicals at the moment

      • That is great that you are enjoying it, that sounds a large enough collection to tackle pretty much any fantasy skirmish stuff.

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