Hobby update – 31st January 2021

I was originally planning to paint some Goblin Archers during Saturday, but this plan changed due to an unexpected find.

I was searching through one of my storage boxes when I discovered a box of figures I had forgotten I had…

Another box of Goblin infantry to add to the 60 figures that I had already built. These were bound to come in useful so I decided to put them together. The only question was, what unit would I create?

Having already created units of spears, swords and archers, the other option was to use the alternative hand weapons – axes and maces – to create a couple of units wielding hand weapons with shields. This left 10 figures. I used 5 as Standard Bearers:

I was almost at a loss as to what to with the last 5, until a bit of inspiration hit me and I decided to build them wielding two weapons – These could act as elite hearthguard in a Saga warband, or as champions.

The next job is to apply filler to the bases and get the models primed. My Goblin horde continues to grow…

You may wonder what I was actually looking for when I found this box of Goblins? I think these may be next on the modelling desk once my Goblin army is finished…

7 Comments on Hobby update – 31st January 2021

  1. mcdouglas2015 // January 31, 2021 at 13:57 // Reply

    It’s great when you have an unexpected find isn’t it?! And good idea to use them for Saga Age of Magic – I think AoM is a very clever add on to Saga.

    • SAoM is going to be my go-to rules for Fantasy Warband games (I use Thud and Blunder and SoBH for small skirmishes) – hoping to have at least half a dozen fantasy warbands finished by the middle of the year

  2. Good luck with your new found booty! What do you use to cover the bases and fill in the cracks? I tried green stuff, but it shrinks dramatically when it dries leaving the base not looking as I hoped it would.

  3. Great find… I found my box of pre order dwarves and goblins the other day. I never bothered with any of the others as I hadn’t touched the first lot.

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