Hobby Update – 1st February 2021

I didn’t manage much painting on Sunday as my hobby time was taken up with a couple of other things:

First off was to organise my figures for my next few projects. It looks like sci-fi is taking something of a back seat for the foreseeable future as I am really enjoying my current fantasy painting. Following my find of Goblin Infantry (see yesterday’s update) I have now sorted out the following to be added to the workbench once the Goblin Infantry are done:

  • 7 Goblin Characters (Oathmark)
  • 2 Boxes of Goblin Wolf Riders (Oathmark)
  • 5 Goblin Wolf Rider Characters (Oathmark)
  • 2 Boxes Dwarf Infantry (Oathmark)
  • 1 Box Dwarf Heavy Infantry (Oathmark)
  • 10 Dwarf Characters (Oathmark)
  • 110 Dwarf Infantry & Cavalry (Conqueror Models)
  • Latari Elves (Runewars)
  • Plastic Frostgrave Soldiers
  • Plastic Frostgrave Wizards
  • Plastic Frostgrave Knights

More than enough to keep me going for several months I think – if not most of the year – although my painting speed is improving. Things might swap and change a bit, depending on my mood and motivation through the coming months.

Obviously all these new figures need somewhere to be stored, and my current storage of choice is Really Useful Boxes. There are several companies that produce MDF inserts for these – my insert of choice is produced by Warbases.co.uk (link here). These are fairly straight forward to assemble, though a little bit of tab trimming was required as they are a very snug fit. The rest of my hobby time yesterday was spent assembling these.

3 Comments on Hobby Update – 1st February 2021

  1. Paul Baldwin // February 1, 2021 at 16:25 // Reply

    Got to follow the muse Neil

  2. Lovely stuff Neil. You should have very large forces of all the traditional fantasy factions by the time you have finished that lot.

    • That is the plan – hope to have several larger warbands plus a number of 10-20 sized ones for the likes of Thud and Blunder
      Should have around 10 by the time I have finished:
      2 Human (If you count my Normans as one!)
      2 Dwarf
      2 Elf
      Orcs…? Not sure if this is going to be a different army or would just add to Goblins

      A few more unit boxes for Oathmark are due out this year, such as Goblin and Dwarf light Infantry, so will be adding those to the respective armies. The plan is to try and finish a full large warband (100 ish figures) in 2 months or so. We will see how that goes…

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