Hobby Update – 2nd February 2021

I was able to grab some hobby time last night and managed to finish painting my first group of Goblin Archers from Oathmark. (I am trying to ensure that I spend some time each day doing something hobby-related).

It probably helps that I have firmly established the colour scheme and are familiar with the different body sculpts, but even so, I finished these more quickly than the previous sets – perhaps my painting speed is improving – I am certainly getting more practice.

Obviously these still need basing, which always dramatically improves the look of the models, but a decent enough result – these are rank and file troops so the 3′ rule definitely applies.

Five down, forty-five to go…

2 Comments on Hobby Update – 2nd February 2021

  1. mcdouglas2015 // February 2, 2021 at 10:13 // Reply

    Well done, I think the other thing that really helps is these new-fangled contrast paints. Wish they had one a little lighter than the aggaros dunes/skeleton horde though.

    • I really like Contrast Paints – I now own the whole set. Plus I am starting to experiment with using Contrast Medium with normal paints (about 50/50 mix)
      I am also about to experiment with using them over a shaded primer coat (either black ink wash over gray, or try a full zenithal effect) to see if I like it.
      In short, they are working for me, so very happy to use them – they are not the be-all-and-end-all, but they have unlocked a way forward for my painting.

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