Hobby Update – 7th February 2021

A small amount of finishing work and a lot of preparation has taken place over the last couple of days.

First off, I finished painting the final group of 5 Goblin Archers. Once that painting was finished, it was time to base – something that always takes a couple of days since you have to wait for your to dry at two different stages. My basing is as follows:

  • Apply PVA glue to figure base and dip into a tub of sharp same (ensure that the base is fully covered)
  • Once dry, paint the base dark brown (Burnt Umber or equivalent
  • Drybrush base with sandstone colour
  • Apply flock mix to base, covering 2 or 3 areas, with OF A glue
  • In the areas of flock, apply a smaller area of static grass
  • Paint the base edge to ensure a neat finish (usually black)

Having finished the 20 Goblin Archers it was time to move into the last of the infantry:

  • 20 Goblins armed with hand weapons and shield
  • 5 Goblins with dual weapons
  • 5 Goblin standard bearers
  • 7 Goblin characters (General, Shaman, Musician & Champions)

All the above models had a coat of interior filler applied to the base so that the of the model blended into the wider plastic base. This is done before any primer is applied.

Once the filler is dry, the models were primed with Vallejo Grey Surface Primer, ready for painting.

Looking back, I feel somewhat surprised that I managed to finish 20 models this week – it’s certainly more than my usual output. Hopefully I can maintain this pace to see an end to the infantry and paint most of the cavalry by the end of the month.

1 Comment on Hobby Update – 7th February 2021

  1. fantastic work on the sir. I hope you keep up your pace as well. My personal pace started slow but has increased this month as well.

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