Goblin Wolf Riders – An attack of Deja Vu

The next stage in my Goblin army was to assemble a number of Wolf Riders, using miniatures from the Oathmark Goblin Wolf Riders box set

Having assembled them, I looked and had a sudden attack of deja vu – the last time I had 30+ cavalry models on that tray, the happened to be Norman Knights, and it took me two years to finish painting them. Indeed, those unpainted Norman Knights became something of a symbol for everything that was wrong with my painting, and it has to be said that finishing them in 2019 heralded the start of a more successful period of my hobby painting.

I certainly hope that it doesn’t take two years to paint this new little lot – indeed, I am hoping the get them finished by mid-March.

2 Comments on Goblin Wolf Riders – An attack of Deja Vu

  1. Well done Neil you are painting like a man possessed! If it’s any help I tend to paint cavalry 4 at a time, riders first then the mount. Maybe put the ones youre not painting in a box otherwise it can look too daunting! Cheers Pete

  2. That certainly is a lot of goblin wolf riders. I never got round to buying anything after the dwarves and goblin boxes. I used Contrast paint on my LOTR Wargs, it speeded things up a lot.

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