Who let the Wolves out?

With the Goblin Infantry finished (at least for now) the last few days have been spent building and priming Goblin Wolf Riders.

I started painting them over the past weekend. I started with a unit of wolves without riders in order to figure out how to paint them. The plan was to paint them with Contrast paints – Black Templar and Basilicanum Grey. Unfortunately even after two coats of paint the coverage looked patchy and a bit patchy – at which point any advantage of using this method was lost and I decided to use a more conventional approach.

I used a basecoat of Revell Aqua Color Anthracite (a couple of thinned coats) followed by successive drybrush applications of Dark Grey, Mid Grey and Light Grey from Coat d’Arms. A final wash of Army Painter Dark Tone mixed 50/50 with GW Lahmium Medium helped to bring everything together and smooth off the dusty appearance of the drybrushing.

Details around the mouth and claws were picked out before the figures were based.

Happy enough with the finish, especially since I have so many to paint. Time to crack on with the next unit…

4 Comments on Who let the Wolves out?

  1. These look great! I, too, continue to be disappointed by contrast paints. I’m going to give them one more chance but then I’m done. I don’t want to waste time painting and then re-painting. Also, those are great bases — I wish I could get my bases to look that good!

    • Thanks for the compliment on the bases – I have got a consistent method which gives a good result.

      Generally I am actually pretty happy with Contrast paints – I have got some decent results with them. They just didn’t work in this instance, which I found surprising as they have been recommended for painting horses. Having said that, different colours act differently – I have found the browns to be particularly good

  2. mcdouglas2015 // February 23, 2021 at 19:14 // Reply

    Nice work Neil – did you consider/try some of Gore-grunta Fur? Maybe even on just the hairy shoulders/tufts parts and then grey on the rest?

  3. I love it Neil! You, mate, have been painting like a daemon!!!

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