Evil Dvergr Dwarves on Kickstarter

I have been a fan of Colin Patten’s Dark Age sculpting for some time – especially his twist on fantasy miniatures, right back to the days of the original Vendel Miniatures ranges.

A few years ago he sculpted an new range of Dwarfs for Conqueror Models, and is now following these up with his first Kickstarter project, creating a range of Dvergr Dwarves.

Whilst the Conqueror Dwarf have something of a Saxon feel to them, these Dvergr err more towards a Viking look, with a few different twists. An altogether stunning looking range of models – certainly a ‘must have’ addition to my growing collection of fantasy armies.

The full range has 117 new models – the project is already funded, and the Kickstarter is running until the 9th April, with delivery due in October 2021.

You can find full details of the project here

1 Comment on Evil Dvergr Dwarves on Kickstarter

  1. Cheers Neil, I’m always on the look out for good dwarf miniatures!

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