Painting Tally – March 2021

A decent month for painting, but not on a par with last month. Some would argue that it may appear better than I think it was as cavalry count as two models…

Anyway, two-thirds of the month was spent painting wolf riders – I added a further 25 to existing models, including these:

These models mean that I have finished my Goblin Army – at least for now. Will get a picture of them on the table soon, but this gives you some idea…

The rest of the month has been spent preparing for my next army – Oathmark Dwarfs. I ended up taking a couple of days break during this, as it has reminded me of how much I hate assembling plastic models. But we are getting there.

60 down, 60 to go…

Total Models Painted in March: 25

Total Models Painted in 2021 YTD: 135

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