Play more, buy less…?

This article has been bouncing around inside my head for several weeks, which means that a couple of the thoughts within it might be challenging to achieve in the global [...]

March 23, 2020 // 5 Comments

My gaming in 2019

For me, the most notable thing about the games I played in 2019 was just how few ‘traditional’ wargames I actually played – only two in fact: Dux Britaniarum and Red [...]

December 30, 2019 // 5 Comments

Flogging an (un)dead horse?

At GenCon in 2016, with much pomp and ceremony, Fantasy Flight Games announced a new fantasy mass battle miniatures game – Runewars Miniatures Game, which was set in [...]

July 1, 2018 // 9 Comments

UK Games Expo 2018

June 1st – 3rd saw the 12th annual UK Games Expo at the Birmingham NEC. This was the third time the event has been held in this venue, having moved there in 2016. This [...]

June 7, 2018 // 0 Comments

One MILLION downloads!

Now that’s a figure I never dreamed that I would see when I started podcasting Meeples & Miniatures in 2008. I still can’t quite believe it. Thank You!!! [...]

April 25, 2018 // 8 Comments