Flogging an (un)dead horse?

At GenCon in 2016, with much pomp and ceremony, Fantasy Flight Games announced a new fantasy mass battle miniatures game – Runewars Miniatures Game, which was set in [...]

July 1, 2018 // 9 Comments

One MILLION downloads!

Now that’s a figure I never dreamed that I would see when I started podcasting Meeples & Miniatures in 2008. I still can’t quite believe it. Thank You!!! [...]

April 25, 2018 // 8 Comments

The 7 tasks of Shuck

It’s amazing how quickly an innocent Tweet can get out of hand. Witness the following response from my good friend Mike Hobbs to a tweet from the weekend: Obviously [...]

January 3, 2018 // 7 Comments

2017 in numbers…

Just for a bit of fun, here are the headline numbers for the podcast and blog in 2017: Podcast Episodes published: 49 Total number of downloads: 232,493 Most popular show: [...]

January 2, 2018 // 0 Comments