News / Reviews submission

Here at the Meeples & Miniatures Podcast we are always interested in hearing about new products and reviewing new rules, scenarios, games, miniatures, models and accessories.

Hobby News

If you would like your new product or Kickstarer to feature on the ‘Hobby News’ segment of our show, or on the website, please drop us a mail to telling us about it and why our listeners would be interested.

Please note that this should ideally be more than just a standard press release.

Also, the show is called ‘Meeples & Miniatures’ for a reason – we feature boardgames as well as miniatures. However, we are also wargaming podcast, so any boardgames that we feature in the news section should have a general war theme (though that can be any genere – historical / sci-fi / fantasy)

Product Reviews

If you would like us to review your product, then please e-mail us at with details and we can discuss further.

However, please bear in mind the following points

1) Rules / scenarios / games  – We like to provide an in-depth discussion of anything we review on the show. Coupled with the fact that we usually plan our recording schedule several weeks in advance (we release two shows a month) it may not be possible to produce the review of your product immediately, but we will discuss with you a timetable for when a review can be recorded and published. Please also refer to the points below

2) Since Meeples & Miniatures is an audio podcast, we do not normally cover miniature reviews on the podcast, except in general terms. However, we are re-launching our Miniatures Review show in video format, which is aimed at specifically reviewing miniatures, so we can feature your products in this way.

3) As well as the podcast, we also run this blog. We have an extensive (and growing) library of reviews on this site, and are always looking to add new content.

4) The show/website is called ‘Meeples & Miniatures’ for a reason – we review boardgames as well as miniatures. However, we are a podcast/website about wargaming, so any boardgames that we review should have a general war/conflict theme (though that can be any genre – historical / sci-fi / fantasy)

5) Any review that we publish, whether in audio, video or written format, will be our open and honest opinion. We believe that our listeners/readers deserve and expect this – it’s a level of trust that we have worked hard to maintain over a number of years. Therefore we reserve the right to be fully independent in what we publish, be that good, bad or indifferent. We provide honest reviews, rather than a product promotion service

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