Want to come on the show?

Here at Meeples & Miniatures we are always looking to talk to people in the industry about products they have and plans they are making. We want to try to give a voice to the smaller companies out there who otherwise get forgotten about. So if you work in the industry and want to tell us your story why not get in touch with us at info@meeplesandminiatures.co.uk telling us what you are doing and we’ll do our best to get you on a future show.

 However please bear in mind the following things :-

1)  We only produce 2 shows a month and interview slots are usually booked up 3 months in advance, so take this into consideration when getting in touch

2)  We are trying to move away from interviews concentrating on Kickstarters, whilst we are happy to mention them we would prefer to discuss other things in the interview. Also see point 1 about lead times for interviews as we can’t just get you at the last minute to plug your latest Kickstarter.

3)  When discussing rules please be aware we will go into detail on the ruleset and we will structure the interview around the product, so we will need some information on the rules in advance (a pdf is fine for this

4)   When you get in touch with us, please have an idea on what you want to discuss and try and give us as much info on what you want to talk about, remember our listeners are all hobbyist and we need to make the show interesting for them

5)   The show isn’t just about what’s new, we would love to speak to established manufactures about their back catalogue and their experiences in the industry

6)   We record our interviews via Skype, usually on a Wednesday evening, so make sure you have a skype account and a headset/mic, or microphone and earphones ready before we start. If this is an issue, we can also make arrangements to record an interview over the telephone, although this is not our preferred option due to the reduced audio quality.

In short; please don’t just send us an email with a pdf set of rules attached and a note saying ‘Can I come on next week?’ as we just can’t do that anymore.

So if you are interested in coming on the show and having a chat, please drop us a mail with some information and we’ll take it from there

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