Emperor Penguin

The boardgaming community at the IGUKonline store run periodic tournaments using the various on-line gaming websites. The latest tournament to take place was Hey! That’s My Fish! – a boardgame designed by Günter Cornett & Alvydas Jakeliunas and published by Phalanx Games.


This is a deceptively simple game, were 2-4 players take control of a number of penguins, hunting fish on the Antarctic ice. The board consists of a grid of hexagonal ice floes, each with 1,2 or 3 fish on them. The idea of the game is to gather as many fish as possible by moving your penguins onto ice floes containing fish.

Only three rules

  1. You can only move in straight lines
  2. You cannot move through penguins or across gaps in the ice
  3. When the move, the floe you were standing on is taken off the board and added to your score (thus creating a hole/gap)

The game ends when all the penguins on the board can no longer move. The winner is the player with the most fish.

In the 2-Player game, each player has 4 penguins In a 3-Player game, you have 3 penguin each, whilst in a 4-Player game you have 2 penguins.

It’s listed as a kids game (probably because of the theme) but it’s really a fun, fast paced strategy game that is very confrontational!

I’ve played this game several times previously, but only on-line.

There were 13 players in this tournament. The first round consisted of playing 3 games against 2 different opponents – I had games against Harry the Lime and Steve Wood – you scored 1 point for each game that you won, the highest scoring players progressed into the second round.

I played all of my games at yucata.de

At the end of the two games, I had beaten Harry the Lime 2-1 and Steve Wood 3-0, thus giving me 5 points and a second round draw with Dobbie. This was to be a best-of-three contest, with the winner going through to the final. Dobbie and I played all our games simultaneously on yucata, and so I ended up running out a 3-0 winner.

This put me into the 3-player final with Pikeman and Milarky. This proved to be an extremely close and hard fought game (as to be expected really) and the final score reflected the game (which finished in the earl hours of Thursday morning):

  • Milarky – 31
  • Pikeman – 33
  • Earthquake (me) – 33

In a tie, you count the number of ice floes that you have collected in the game, and I won 21-19.

Which means that I’m the IGUK Hey, That’s My Fish! champion. Woo Hoo!

I must admit that I was very pleasantly surprised by this. Many thanks to everyone who took part – it was a great way to spend a few on-line gaming hours.

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