A brief return to Podcasting…

After a break of over three years, I recently found myself back in the podcasting chair alongside my good friend, podcast partner and ex-editor – Henry Hyde.

The occasion?

Well, Henry’s own Podcast – Battlechat – has reached the laudable milestone of 100 episodes, and, when given the option, Henry’s Patreon supporters made the extraordinary choice of myself as the guest for this episode – a very kind and appreciated gesture.

So, if you fancy a trip down memory lane – invoking the spirit of ‘View from the Veranda’ – and catch up on what I’ve been up to since I last hung up my earphones and mic, follow the link below…


6 Comments on A brief return to Podcasting…

  1. Colin Peake // May 21, 2023 at 08:26 // Reply

    Cannot wait to listen – a little behind with Henrys stuff and have to do them order of course (saddo that I am).
    Will be great to hear whispering Shuck on the airwaves, its been too long

  2. Great to hear from you Neil. May this VftV ‘special’ be the catalyst that returns you to the podcasting airwaves with fresh enthusiasm and enjoyment. (We have all missed ‘Whispering Neil’…)

  3. Really great episode – like catching up with an old friend. I really appreciated your talking about Mr Hobbs as I was feeling rather melancholy about the anniversary of his passing. That may seen weird since we never met but Meeples was like having my own group of gaming friends at a time in my life when I didn’t have that in real life. Best wishes to you Neil and thank you for sharing on Henry’s show.

  4. Martin Armstrong // May 21, 2023 at 15:43 // Reply

    Lovely to hear you and Henry chat all things wargames. It has been so long and wonderful memories came flooding back of all your podcast’s content, the people, subjects and humour. As you say, life is to short and if you do not podcast again, use the time to PAINT!

  5. Morgan Merchant // May 27, 2023 at 11:33 // Reply

    Just listened! Great show! So good to hear you Neil! Ready got your return you’ve been sorely missed. In the show you questioned your return and where you would fit. I believe you are you and that’s enough. I listened to meeps and minis all those years because we have similar tastes in boadgames. I lived vicariously through your miniature war gaming. Living in a small town in the states getting my group to play a minis based wargame is near impossible. Thanks for everything you’ve done for the hobby and hope to hear more!!!

  6. Neil,
    Your podcasts archive sustained me through lockdown through the humour, informed chat and breadth of ideas shared. Knowing when to be serious or fun was equally important and your discussions about mental health was excellent and timely. So it was great to hear you and your views of the hobby now in 2023. I also think you and Henry just happen to be a great double act into the bargain 😀

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