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Rating System

All the reviews on this site follow the 5 Star rating system below, which should, at a glance, give you an idea of what we thought of the item being reviewed. We aim to give an in-depth review of each product, so this should explain why the game has been given the rating.

5 stars     Excellent
4 stars     Good
3 stars     OK / Average
2 stars     Poor
1 Star     Terrible

Rules / Games Reviews

A Fistful of King-Fu – Modern Rules

Ambush Valley – Vietnam 1965 – 1975 – Modern Supplement

Augustus to Aurelian – Ancients Rules

Battlegroup – Fall of the Reich – WW2 Supplement

Battlegroup Kursk – WW2 Rules

Battlegroup Overlord – WW2 Supplement

Battlegroup Rulebook – WW2 Rules

Black Ops – Modern Rules

Black Powder: The Last Argument of Kings – Horse & Musket supplement

Bullets & Brains – Zombie Rules

By Dagger or Talon – Sci-Fi Supplement

Chain of Command – WW2 Rules

Chain of Command: At The Sharp End – WW2 Supplement

The Chicago Way – Gangster Rules

Clash of Empires – Ancients Rules

Classified – Modern Supplement

Cold War Gone Hot – Modern Supplement

Dead Man’s Hand – Wild West Rules

Deus Vult! – Medieval Rules

Dux Britanniarum – Dark Age Rules

Empire of the Dead – Steampunk Rules

Enduring Freedom – Modern Supplement

Force On Force – Modern Rules

God of Battles – Fantasy Rules

Hail Caesar – Ancients Rules

Hail Caesar: Army Lists: Biblical & Classical – Ancient Supplement

Hind Commander – Modern Rules

Horizon Wars – Sci-Fi rules

I Ain’t Been Shot Mum (3rd Edition) – WW2 Rules

I Ain’t Been Shot Mum: Battle for Liberation – WW2 Supplement

Ice Cool – Boardgame

Iron Cross – WW2 Rules

Jugula – Gladiator Rules

Land of the Free – Horse & Musket Rules

Lion Rampant – Medieval Rules

Longships: The Wrath of the Vikings – Dark Age Rules

Maalintii Rangers – Modern Scenario Book

Muskets & Tomahawks – French Indian War Rules

Operation Squad Modern War – Modern Rules

Pike & Shotte – Horse & Musket Rules

PMC 2460 – Sci-Fi Rules

Polemos S.P.Q.R. – Ancients Rules

Quadrant 13 – Sci-fi Rules

Rapid Fire – Normandy Battlegames – WW2 Scenario Book

Red Star, White Lights – Cold War / Modern Scenario Book

Sabre Squadron – Cold War / Modern rules

Saga – Dark Age Rules

Saga:Northern Fury – Dark Age Supplement

Saga – The Crescent & The Cross – Dark Age Rules

Saga -Varjazi & Basileus – Dark Age Supplement

Skirmish Outbreak – Zombie Rules

Skirmish Sangin – Modern Rules

Soldiers of God – Ancients Rules

Sword and Spear – Ancients Rules

Tanks – Panther vs Sherman Starter Set – WW2 Tank Combat Game

The Raiders for Dux Britanniarum – Dark Age Supplement

The King is Dead – Boardgame

Tomorrow’s War – Sci-fi Rules

Tremble Ye Tyrants – Napoleonic Rules

UFO Squad – Sci-Fi Rules

VIII Corps: The Somme 1916 – WW1 Card Game

Vpered Na Berlin – WW2 Supplement

War & Conquest – Ancients Rules

Went The Day Well? – Inter-War Rules

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