Gaming Update – w/e 7th March 2010

Not too much done on the gaming front this week – though I did manage to get in a game of Cold War Commander on Wednesday (club night at Scimitar Wargames Group)

One of the most satisfying things about this game was the fact that I actually got to play the game with figures that I had painted – about 2/3 of the figures that I was playing with in total.

As you may know, I haven’t painted figures in a long time, so simply being able to playa game with my own painted miniatures was a rare treat. It really is what the hobby is all about, and I had a great time.

The game we played was a simple encounter battle – we had two new players, so we were simply using the playing experience to introduce them to the rule mechanics.

We are up for a full on game in a couple of weeks, when my British Armoured Brigade will take on the might of the Soviet army – look out for pics on this game.

And what of my army? Well, pictures to follow shortly…

1 Comment on Gaming Update – w/e 7th March 2010

  1. Always fun to play with a fully painted force. Beware, though. At this point I can’t field a force that has unpainted models as it doesn’t look right.

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