Advanced Song of Blades & Heroes available in PDF

asbh cover
Up until the release of rules such as Open Combat and Otherworld Fantasy Skirmish, in my mind there was only one set of ‘go to’ rules if you wanted to play a small scale (in terms of figure count) fantasy warband battle – Song of Blades & Heroes, from Ganesha Games.

These rules (originally in 3 or 4 different books) have now been updated and brought together into a single volume – Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes.

This new edition contains a new, optional game setting, expanded traits and magic and also brings together different rules from the original volumes under a single cover.

If you already own Song of Blades and Heroes, there is a free PDF available, which compares the original game with the Advanced version, so you can decide whether you want to get the new, updated rules or not.


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