Modiphius Entertainment announces Star Trek Adventures…and Miniatures!

Timed (it would appear) to coincide with the UK release of the latest entry into the Star Trek film and TV catalogue, as Beyond hits our cinema screens (as well as celebrating the 50th anniversary of the franchise), Modiphius Entertainment have announced Star Trek Adventures, a new Role-Playing Game which allows players to take the role of crew members on some of the most famous ships in Sci-Fi history.

As part of this launch, Modiphius will be launching a living campaign playtest at GenCon 2016, with additional sign-up available online before the end of August. Full details can be found here.

In a move that is bound to please some, this product is NOT being launched by Kickstarter!

The game is due to launch in the Summer of 2017.


However, that is not all. Part of this licence allows Modiphius to produce a new range of miniatures. This is the news from the Modiphius website:

There will be a wide range of Star Trek Adventures miniatures including many of your favourite characters as well as generic crew, away teams, boarding parties and aliens. Accompanying the range will be geomorphic map tiles of Federation, Klingon and other ships, space stations, lost colonies, ancient ruins as well as dangerous and mysterious worlds to explore. 

The figures will be single piece and multi-part, and available in collector’s blisters as well as crew packs giving you whole away teams or bridge crews from different eras. As you can see from the scale picture example above they are 32mm iand made in a soft resin. These two initial figures of Captain Kirk and Picard will be available to those signing up for the official playtest at the Modiphius stands at GenCon, Essen Spiele and Dragonmeet and later as part of various sets.  


This is excellent news for anyone who is a fan of this long-running franchise, although the fact that these are being produced in soft resin, rather than metal is of some concern – knowing some of the issues we have previously seen with materials such as Mantic’s “Restic” – but obviously we will have to reserve final judgement until after the figures are available.

2e-Box-SetAs to rules to play with these new miniatures, whilst Modiphius may well release some skirmish rules for these at some point, in the meantime Star Trek is an obvious setting for the 2nd Edition of 7TV, which is a set of rules which is tailor-made for the sort of episodic game that Star Trek TV series provides.

Given the promise of geomorphic tiles for those who may be more ‘scenically challenged’, this news is very welcome to any fan of both Wargaming and Star Trek.

Personally, I can hardly wait…

3 Comments on Modiphius Entertainment announces Star Trek Adventures…and Miniatures!

  1. I think I would love to do Star Trek, possibly even more than B7, because there is so much cannon. I still have a collection of the CCG. But I wonder how much the figures will end up costing, and whether the range will be varied enough. That said, it is very easy to come up with non canon opponents or proxies.

  2. Very interesting indeed. Thank you for sharing this. I wonder how the minis look painted and if they resemble the actors. Hard to tell from the promo picture.

  3. Jon Yuengling // July 23, 2016 at 19:38 // Reply

    I remember the old FASA system and enjoyed it. Looking forward to this.

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