Painting Update – first models for ‘Planetfall’ complete

After several weeks being stalled on the painting front, the last week or so has finally seen some movement – though in a slightly unexpected direction.

As you have seen from my last couple of painting table updates, I’ve been working on my first models for the Planetfall sci-fi mass combat game from Spartan Games.I originally picked these up over a year ago, but was inspired afresh by our recent visit to Spartan HQ.

dsc_0004_42I was after a green colour scheme for the force as a whole, and decided that I could actually get away with a metallic colour, given the fact that these are sci-fi vehicles.

The base colour was Citadel Jungle Green, which was then given a black wash. A highlight of Citadel Imperial Strike Green mixed 50/50 with Vallejo Metal Medium was then applied using drybrushing, followed by a light drybrush of pure Metal Medium on the edges of the various plates. The finish was darker than what I was expecting (thanks in part to the heavy black wash I used) but I think it generally works well.



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In the game rules, all the squadrons in a Helix have to be activated before you can move on to a second Helix. Since the Terran force shares common vehicles across different Helix types, I decided that each Helix should have it’s own ID colour – a couple of plates on the vehicle which all share the same colour. This is white for the Core Helix, and Red for the Heavy Helix. Future Helixes will also have unique ID colours – it’s perhaps a bit of a sledgehammer way of doing things, but I figured that I could get away with it on sci-fi vehicles (you might be seeing that excuse again!)

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dsc_0008_37I was originally going to paint the infantry Dark Angels Green, but then reasoned that if I did this, once I had applied a shading wash they would appear almost black. Instead I applied a bright green to these models (Citadel Striking Scorpion Green) and then applied a couple of washes of black to pick up all the armour detail.

The final touch was to paint and texture the bases. The bases are resin, and already textured, so the intial work was basecoat / wash / drybrush. I have currently only applied flock over the bases, which looks OK, but isn’t wonderful. Due to the model scale, I’m going to get hold of some 2mm Static Grass, which should finish the bases off nicely (More usual 4mm – 6mm static grass will I think be a little too long to fit in properly with the 10mm models)

Next up should be a Ground Assault Helix , followed by a Ground Command Helix, which contains the huge Slepnir Command Barge.

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