Grenzer Games running Kickstarter for 15mm plastic Imperial Romans

Grenzer Games has launched a kickstarter project to create a box set of 15mm scale Imperial Romans as part of their new game At Lances Point.

The box is intended to contain 150 figures and is priced at £40 which typically equates to somewhere around half the price of the metal equivalent. Purchasing multiple boxes will give you a discount on this price.

The box contents will include six of each command figure, with 54 Pilum armed Legionaries and 60 Gladius armed Legionaries. Whilst the initial box is only offering two poses of Legionaries, the first stretch goal of the project is looking to amend this from 2 to 18, thus giving six of each pose.

The company is looking for £30,000 to fund the project, which is running until the 5th March. Delivery is due in February 2021.

Other stretch goals will add new box sets including Cavalry, Auxillia and Field Artillery.


Future plans include plastics for Dacians, Celts, Germans and Parthians.

Whilst these figures are aimed at a new game from Grenzer, they would also be ideal for any other Ancients game if you were after miniatures in a smaller scale.

You can find the Kickstarter page here

4 Comments on Grenzer Games running Kickstarter for 15mm plastic Imperial Romans

  1. Alex Woodrow // February 9, 2020 at 09:58 // Reply

    This seems entirely pointless to me. 1 – There are loads of metal 15mm Roman ranges and they’re pretty cheap anyway. 2 – You wont get these figures until 2021 and that’s assuming they actually deliver on time which is statistically unlikely, 3 – Look at the pila and standards. They’re going to be 15mm figures, those will all snap off in an instant. 4 – Can you imagine the extreme fiddliness of sanding off the mouldlines on 155 plastic figures?

  2. This is one of the greatest things since sliced bread. You simply will not find a better detailed figure in 15mm. Metal figurines simply cannot compare. Being plastic, the spears, pilums, and standards will hold up MUCH better than metal figures ever would. It appears to me that Mr. Woodrow above might have a vested interest in an inferior line of figures somewhere else. To boot, being plastic, they are lighter to transport. Anyone that had taken several metal armies to a convention knows how heavy the metal figures are. I support this project. You should too!

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