Plans for this year – Painting

Last year I set myself a target to paint miniatures at least 3 hours a week – and failed miserably.

I’m starting 2009 with the same plan, and it’s already looking dodgy, as I’ve not painted anything since the start of the year! Still, ever the optimist, I will press on and bypass this hiccup.

Well, my list of projects is HUGE, and I certainly won’t be able to come anywhere near close to painting all my outstanding lead this year, but I do have a lot planned:

So, my plans for this year are:

Finish the projects I did not complete last year:

40mm Stargate (lots of Go’uld to convert and paint)

28mm Aliens (finish painting my Colonial Marines and my Alien Queen)

6mm Napoleonic French Army

6mm Marian Roman Army

Battlelore – Since I started painting these last year, I really need to look at painting the lot.

1/600 Vietnam Air War – got to finish painting my US Navy force, and then apply all the decals.

28mm Vietnam – revisit my painting from a couple of years ago, and finish painting my US Marines and NVA.

And a couple of new projects for the year:

1/600 WW2 – Paint all my models for the Check Your Six! Battle of Britain campaign book

Ambush Alley – Paint up several more 40mm squads for this game.

40mm WW2 – We are playing a Market Garden campaign this year at Scimitar. It would be nice to get some of my North Star British Paras and German Waffen SS painted up for this. The Ambush Alley Force-on-Force expansion might be ideal for playing this sort of game.

Uncharted Seas – Dragon Lord and Elven fleets

There is a lot of other stuff that I’d like to do, but I think I really need to focus on actually completing some painting projects this year.

We will see how it goes…

1 Comment on Plans for this year – Painting

  1. You got some mighty big projects to get stuck into. Good luck. I want a tally at the end of the year.

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