More on wall-to-wall deployment

Yesterday I posted a mini-rant on one reason why I didn’t like Flames of War, highlighting a blog that featured a game with tanks deployed wheel-to-wheel right across a board.

It has to be said, FoW players are not the only ones guilt of this – here is a small video I took of a Napoleonic demo game from the Partizan show in 2008. Let’s see if you can spot the flanks of either army…

6 Comments on More on wall-to-wall deployment

  1. I much prefer a 8×4 table to the normal 6×4 because that extra foot on either side really comes into play .it means light cav or other harassing units can do their jobs out on the flanks .without them cluttering up the board or just getting run down due to having nowhere to flee .when i play my dwarfs i still prefer the wider table even if it means my dwarfs are likely to be totally out flanked as they march across the board .
    We still tend to deploy in the central six foot ,with only light cav and skirmishers being able to deploy out on the flanks .if its a big game then reserves come into play or if it scenario based deployment .which can make for fun games as they come marching on at just the right moment or have buggered off to the local tavern for a few light ales first lol

  2. A Napoleonic battle (in 28mm) with room for the flanks on table would be nothing more than an oversized skirmish. Here you could assume this is only part of a much larger battleline.

  3. Figure “scale” is always important in these things too. If you want large, “block” formations in a game like this, 10/15mm figures would be a much better fit.

    By the same token, FoW would probably look and play better at 10mm or even 6mm/micro armour scale. The games always look very “distorted” when you see artillery on the same table where infantry and tanks are engaging.

    • At Devizes & District Wargames Group we have played FOW using 6mm on an 8×4. We adjusted the ranges/moves created a scaled down artillery template but forgot (!) to put on some extra suitable terrain so that there was more hidden ground. My Russians didn’t enjoy the German 88s blasting them in so much open terrain.
      On the whole we thought the game played rather well in 6mm and there was certainly more space to manoeuvre on an 8×4.

  4. Beautiful display but little else. That’s why I recently prefer to play asymetrical warfare games (i.e. Vietnam)

  5. Although I love the look of 28mm miniatures, most games look like a crowd at a rock festival. All but the largest table leaves no space to change formation let alone maneuver. As a result to have some table space, many 28mm games are not much larger than a brigade each side. I call that a skirmish! But there is nothing wrong with that if that’s what your after.

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