Guildball Kickstarter funds in 24 hours…

The Guildball Kickstarter project launched yesterday (20th February) and as of posting has already reached it’s £30,000 funding goal.


Guildball has been designed by Mat Hart and Rich Loxam. The game is a psuedo-historical based skirmish wargame, which also happens to involve the use of a football. Imagine the average local derby, but with added axes…

The Kickstarter project is to produce the original game rules, plus four teams (each comprising of 6 metal miniatures). It runs until the 22nd March, with an estimated delivery of December 2014.

fisherman_guildI’m hoping to speak to Mat Hart in the very near future, so look out for a podcast episode all about this game.


3 Comments on Guildball Kickstarter funds in 24 hours…

  1. Its got tough competition going up against Dreadball Xtreme (which funded in only 40 mins) ..

  2. Agreed – I hope that DBX does not have a negative influence on this game.

  3. splash art at the top is very like the guild wars 2 art style .since there is already a game kinda like these skirmish football games within GW2 (but with a beer keg not a ball ) .it could end up being a bit of a double edged sword for this game .

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