Fast approaching episode 150…time for YOU to get involved!

I know we’ve been quiet for a few weeks (June has been an insanely busy month, thanks to a mix of college work, American football games & coaching and magazine work) but new podcast episodes are on the way…honest!

I’m currently editing episode 148, which is a review of Planetfall (recorded in 2 parts during May) and 149 will be an interview with Radio Dish-Dash.

The plan is to get both of these out by the end of next weekend.

We have another show ‘in-the-can’ – an interview with Sam Mustafa – but Mike Whitaker pointed out that it would be nice to do something different for the 150th episode…

…so here’s your opportunity to get involved.

Episode 150 is going to be a ‘podcast panel’ episode with as many of the current presenters as we can get into one Google Hangout session at the same time: myself, Mike Hobbs, Mike Whitaker, Rich Jones & Dave Luff.

We want you to contact us via social media with the questions (gaming related 🙂 ) that you would like us to answer…

You can:

Post it in the comments below

Post it in the comments section to this news on the Facebook page

Post it to our Twitter Feed @mandmpodcast with #ep150

Send it to with a subject of EP150.

Cut off for questions is around the 13th of July – we look forward to hearing from you!

26 Comments on Fast approaching episode 150…time for YOU to get involved!

  1. Favourite Pie?

    Best game ever played – can split into board and minis
    Worst game ever played – as above
    Game you really wanted to like but couldn’t – as above

    Favourite unit that never wins but you just can’t get rid of it.

    Favourite brand of banana oil.

    Biggest gaming regret – missed game, kickstarter not backed etc

    If you could game with Edward Woodward (or other famous wargamer) you would play using

    40K players – are they really gamers?

    Favourite rule / worst rule

    If you could have any army cast and painted to your specs – what would it be, what scale and for what rules?

    That’s enough for now.

  2. edit: If you could game with Edward Woodward (or other famous wargamer) you would play scenario x using rules y

  3. I am an American, and I am fascinated by the differences in gaming culture between the USA and the UK. For example, gaming at game stores vs gaming clubs, or the differences between GenCon and Salute.

    I know at least some of you have gamed in both countries. What are the differences, and which do you prefer?

  4. Can you think of something that the miniatures gaming hobby could really benefit from, that currently doesn’t exist or is underserved?


  5. Some questions from Twitter
    from David Churchill
    I would like you guys to real quick list everybody’s top 5 favorite games b they board or tabletop in ep 150!

    from Ken Whitehurst
    We all like the shinies, but which games or rulesets have you stuck with the longest? Why?

    What are the best Samurai rules (armies, not skirmish)?

    Ex Illis and Golem Arcana tried. How long ’til the 1st truly popular computer-aided mini game? What’ll it take?

    From The Bissler
    I think 6mm gaming trumps 28mm for strategy. Why isn’t this scale more popular? Is it because 28mm minis prettier than 6mm?

    From Frank Reynolds
    Why do you game, and what keeps you gaming?

  6. When you reverse the WG of Warlord Games you get GW. Are Warlord Games becoming the next big worldwide gaming empire? And will they become evil like GW?

  7. Marcus Wheeler // July 5, 2015 at 09:02 // Reply

    If the hobby collectively suffers from myopia, what is it missing/ignoring?

    • I can’t see what point you are trying to make here, can you focus a bit?

    • Marcus Wheeler // July 6, 2015 at 09:32 // Reply

      I am not trying to make any point. What opportunities or problems are we oblivious to because we are so focussed on our shiny toys or narrow corner of the wargaming world?

  8. Marcus Wheeler // July 6, 2015 at 09:34 // Reply

    And as if to flag up the creeping pre-occupation with IP and licenses, which licenses are conspicuous by their absence from the wargaming world?

  9. What to you were pivotal points in your wargamer biographies?

    Are there any minis you sorely regret having sold?

    How many wargamers does it take to change a lightbulb?

    What do you believe would be a good way raise awareness of wargamers for the less mainstream miniatures/sets of rules?

    What are your (directed at all the guys) wargaming pipe dream projects?

    What are your biggest fears/hopes for miniature wargaming in the near future?

    Are there any wargaming projects which very much are your own ‘pet project’ and which you stick to doing even though nobody else seems to be interested in doing this period/setting?

    Is there a period you would never, or, knowing how these things can go, at least in this point in time could not imagine doing?

    What bugs you the most about the online community or rather the several communities of wargamers?

    What are your experiences with Napoleonics? (very general question, but I’m currently getting into the period)

    If you were to design a wargaming table, how would you theme it? Would you keep it as generic as possible? Would you design it to depict one specific battlefield (and if so – which one?).

    What do you think is a wargaming period which is unrightfully overlooked all too often?

    What do you think of kickstarter’s impact on miniature wargaming?

    This one and some of the ones following immediately directed at Neil mostly, but of course everybody feel free to chime in: If you could travel back in time, which are the top tips you would give to past Neil in terms of podcast producing? And hints for people trying their hand at wargaming podcasts?

    What kind of equipment/software do you currently use to record your podcasts?

    Are there any things you regret not having covered on the M&M podcast or are there any things you feel like you shouldn’t have done?

    Why did you stop making video reviews of miniatures? Did you feel that the medium wasn’t right for the way you like to work on these reviews, was it a lack of time, did you feel like there already are enough miniature reviews online?

    When will the next episode of VftV be out? 😛

    What is your approach when it comes to writing your review articles for Miniature Wargames?

    Is there anything you would like to ask of the M&M podcast listeners?

    That’s all i can think of for now. 😉

  10. Andreas Wemmenhed // July 8, 2015 at 10:26 // Reply

    Points! I need you guys to talk about points costs. I just turned 40 and have played Warhammer Fantasy, Warhammer 40k, Kings of War, Warmachine and some old Viking game. They all had a points system except for the Viking game. I never found it funny building armys and collecting miniatures for the Viking game.

    I´ve always liked tinkering with my army, putting in those units instead of these, playtesting and then gone back to tinkering a little more. Now my brother on the other hand has “matured” during the last few years and more and more wants to play with “what we´ve got” and leveling the two armies after we set up by removing or adding some units, not counting points just a rough estimation of equal armies.

    It drives me nuts! He´s also kind of getting sloppy with his reading of the rules and just wings it during and after play. Instead of looking the rule up he just does something he thinks fits not bothering with the actual rules, not during game nor afterwards. I´m ok with gong with the “lets figure it out for ourself” method during play but want to look up the rule after the game. My brother does not.

    Now my belowed Warhammer Fantasy game has gone into something called “Age of Sigmar” a very light skirmish game, that has no points costs…Our 25+ years of gaming each other is about to turn ugly. So please discuss points costs and are people who like them and need them “bad” people? 🙂

    best regards from Sweden

  11. Okay, how about:

    What are the best and worst campaigns you have played in? What makes a campaign successful or unsuccessful?

    Have you ever been a solo wargamer? If so, what was worse and what was better? If not, why not?

    What was the best show you have been to and what was the worst? What makes a good (or bad) show? Do shows in general need to be better?

    If you could start again with the same (net!) budget that you have spent on gaming, what would you choose to spend it on, knowing what you know now? In terms of games played for money spent, what has been the best game you have owned?

    What have you got in your metal/plastic piles/mountains? How long will it take you to paint them down to zero? Will you die/flog them on eBay before you reach this point?

    Can gaming shops survive in the long-term? Does it matter if they do?

    What are your favourite gaming publications and blogs? What makes them so good?

    Desert island gaming: one ruleset, two opposing armies to play until you are rescued – what are they going to be?

  12. Marcus Wheeler // July 9, 2015 at 18:29 // Reply

    I like the budget question. It’s very in a pub over a beer, but I like it perhaps all the more for that. I also like the shows question: is there room for something more like an American Con?

    Finally, I’ll add: is there much likelihood wargaming could make a return to TV, and if so in what format?

  13. mcdouglas2015 // July 12, 2015 at 15:25 // Reply

    If different from your favourite, what boardgame and rules are the ones you’ve actually played most?

    Your desert island boardgame (you could have pop-up mates to play with if need be!)? A pop-up Mike Hobbs….what a thought!!

    The game/rules that you looked forward to most that delivered less than you hoped?

    The oldest boardgame in your collection?

  14. The first “metal” wargames figure you bought, do you still have it and is it painted?

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