The remaining shows of 2015…

We’ve been working hard on our podcast recording schedule – actually, Mike has been working hard, I’ve been changing things and causing chaos.

I just wanted to give you a heads-up on what you can expect to see from the Meeples & Miniatures Podcast in the last few shows of the year:

Mid-November: We chat to the guys from Crooked Dice, find out about how the company got started, and ask all about the second edition of the 7TV rules.

Start of December: We chat to Mike Lewis and Stuart Macorquadale about the second edition of Sword & Spear

Mid-December: We chat to Westwind Productions about the War and Empire rules, and look ahead to what’s coming out for this range

End of the Year: It’s the end of the year show! All the podcast hosts get together to chat about their favourite games that they played on 2015.

The 2016 calendar is already starting to fill up, although at this stage things are always fairly dynamic, as we swap and change right up until the last minute (the December shows, for example, were only finalised at the start of this week!)

If there is a particular game or set of rules you would like us to review, someone from the hobby you would like to hear interviewed, or a subject you would like to hear discussed, then please let us know. We will do our best to accommodate your request.

7 Comments on The remaining shows of 2015…

  1. Don’t forget there is Scale Model World this weekend.

    I know it is not a Wargame show – but it is one of the largest model shows in the world.

    I will be there on Sunday.


  2. Brian Parker // November 6, 2015 at 21:20 // Reply

    “and ask all about the second edition of the 7TV rules.”
    Now I’m almost looking forward to my commute,

  3. Can you squeeze a question into the Forged in Battle guys asking when they will be bring out their 15mm Africa Korps and 8th Army infantry? Been keen to grab these these figures.

  4. That sounds like a really great schedule to look forward to. I am particularly interested to hear about 7TV. I’ve got the first iteration although I haven’t played it. I am leaning toward Pulp Alley, even for more modern/spy-scimitar stuff, but it should make for a great show.

    One thing I would like to suggest (if I haven’t done previously) is a bit of love for air gaming sometime.

  5. That was meant to read spy/sci-Fi. I hate predictive text!

  6. Well I have both so there is nothing to stop me trying each one in due course. You will be encouraging me to buy the models next you agent provocateur you!

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