On the painting table – 9th May 2016

Following the additional models arriving at the weekend, the painting table is starting to look a little crowded:

  • 5 Panzer IVs for Chain of Command (Needed for last scenario of ‘Red Devils in the Night’ scenario book)
  • 5 units of 6mm French Line, and 3 units of Voltigeurs for Sharp Practice 2.
  • 16 Infantry, 1 Forward Observer base (made from a Peter Pig Sniper Spotter and a kneeling Radio Operator) and 1 Marder IIIM for Chain of Command (Needed to Operation Market Larden IV game)

Painting Table 8th May 2016 - amended

Some progress was made over the weekend: the German Infantry are about 60% complete, and the Marder III has been basecoated.

The current plan is to finish the infantry, and then paint all the AFVs at the same time.

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