Battlegroup – Vehicle Datacards now available

As the Battlegroup rules for World War II have expanded, one increasing problem has been looking up vehicle stats. The stats for each  vehicle are held in a section of each rulebook. However, as the rules expand, only new vehicle stats are printed, which means that (for example) late war players potentially have to hunt through two or three rulebooks to find all the vehicle stats that they need – or keep a separate note of these details.


The Plastic Soldier Company have now rectified this by releasing several packs of Battlegroup Datacards for the game. Each of these packs brings together all the vehicle stats for a nation into a single source, making referencing these details much easier during a game.

There are currently six packs available:

  • Russian
  • French, Polish, Hungarian and Romanian
  • British
  • US
  • Early German
  • Late German

Packs are priced between £3.50 and £5.00. We will be reviewing these in an upcoming podcast


1 Comment on Battlegroup – Vehicle Datacards now available

  1. Keith F Massey // November 11, 2016 at 18:22 // Reply

    What size are cards please and are they laminated.

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