Wargames Kickstarter round-up – 22nd August 2016

I’ve been searching through some current Kickstarter projects, and I thought that these looked interesting:

Space Foundation 28mm Terrain

Sapce Foundation
This sci-fi terrain has much that we have seen similar elsewhere, but I like some of the extras, such as the walls and the missile silo.

The project is over 200% funded, and finishes on 26th August , with delivery in December

Halfling Skeleton Archers

halfing skeletons

This project is offering a new range of 28mm Fantasy Halfling Skeleton Archers, sculpted by Bob Olley.

The project is almost 500% funded even though it doesn’t finish until 20th September. Delivery is estimated for February 2017

Stone Textured Foam Sheets

stone textured foam sheets 2

This is an intriguing one. Firedragon games are offering pre-stamped blue styrofoam sheets, 280mm x 280mm x 10mm, which you can use to build walls, buildings, dungeon layouts etc. A number of add-ons are available for doors and windows. Looks to be ideal for building a custom Frostgrave castle or dungeon, amongst other things, at a very affordable price!

The project is 130% funded, and is due to finish on 7th September, with delivery in November 2016.

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