Ex-Illis day @ Totalwargamer – 19th November

Several of us met up at TotalWargamer for a day of Ex-Illis gaming goodness.

‘Earthquake’ plays ‘Kybus’

“Whiskymac” plays “the vodkakid”

There were several of us from Leicester & Coventry, plus a group from Nottingham who stayed all day. We played several games each during the day – and obviously bought the odd new unit or seven!

Several other people popped in during the day. It was good to meet Robey Jenkins of Precinct Omega – and especially good to meet back up with Ade Deacon, who used to run Battle Honours UK. I haven’t seen him for several years, so it was great to catch up with him.

Most of the guys who were at TotalWargamer all day. From left to right – Kybus, Utherdracus, Whiskeymac, Broxtonator, thevodkakid & Earthquake

A good time was had by all I think, and we hope to get togther again in February – thanks to Paul & Owen for hosting the day.

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