Visiting Battlefield Hobbies

Last weekend I finally got the chance to drive 30 minutes down the M1 to visit Battlefield Hobbies in Daventry.

This new gaming centre opened in November 2015, and is situated at the edge of an industrial estate just off the A361 on the way into Daventry from Junct. 18 of the M1 – dead easy to find.

I arrived just as store manager Jack was opening up, and was offered coffee within about 30 seconds of arriving (which was a definite bonus!) I had a really good chat with him about the store and the general set-up on the gaming centre.


The shop at Battlefield is pretty standard for this type of store; clean, well organized and (and I realise that this is a minority view) thankfully lacking in the huge amount of Games Workshop stock which seems to dominate many independent gaming outlets.

As you may expect, many of the games available are very much ‘game systems’, and anyone into the mainstream of wargaming (whatever that is đŸ™‚ ) will probably find something of interest. Ranges in stock include Flames of War (though with a very healthy stock of PSC and Zvezda kits alongside Battlefront), Bolt Action, Warmachine & Hordes, Malifaux, Saga, Beyond the Gates of Antares, By Fire & Sword, Frostgrave, Guildball and X-Wing.

They also have a decent selection of board games on offer, as well as some smaller titles (to be honest, one of the things that attracted me to check the place out was the fact that, when browsing through the online shop, they were offering Too Fat Lardies rules)

However, the shop is only part of Battlefield Hobbies offers – it’s much more of an event venue.

War Room 2

Firstly there is the ‘War Room’ – this a gaming area containing half a dozen 8′ x 4′ gaming tables, which can be hired for the measly sum of £2.50/person. (Couple this with a bottomless mug of hot beverage for £2, and you have a days gaming for under a fiver – good stuff!) This is available to use on Wednesday evenings and Saturdays (it’s probably worth giving the shop a ring to check availability)


Then there is ‘The Mezzanine’ which is a raised gaming area behind the store. This is a gaming area suitable for small holding small events. (Oooh! Meeples & Miniatures gaming day anyone?)


Finally there is ‘The Battlefield’, which is a large gaming area which can be set up to accommodate bigger events and tournaments (indeed, the UK Nationals for both Flames of War and Malifaux are being held at this venue this year).

In short, I was really impressed with the place. Given it’s location, I can definitely see me taking a trip once a month or so for a Saturday gaming session. It’s not my closest FLGS, but it’s certainly one of the best  in the area.

Venue pictures for this article were provided by Battlefield Hobbies

2 Comments on Visiting Battlefield Hobbies

  1. M&M gaming day? Sounds good.
    I would be up for any game from 1700-1955 depending on whether I own or could borrow the models.

  2. Looks like a good venue, I hope the venture succeeds. I would certainly be up for a Meeples Game Day, which I suspect would be quite a success.

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