Deep Cut Studio – Medieval Ruins Terrain Mat

dcs alien-planet-play-mat-for-miniature-wargames-4x6-600x600Those talent chaps at Deep Cut Studio have been at it again.

Hard on the heels of their Muddy Field release, followed by a particularly squelchy-looking Alien Planet mat (sure to find a home amongst certain sci-fi horde army players, I’m sure) they have released a new Medieval Ancients Ruins mat.

dcs medieval-ancient-ruins-gaming-mat-4x6-600x600

On first seeing it, my immediate thought was that it would make a great mat for playing Frostgrave, although DCS already produce a specific Frostgrave mat. Think of this as Frostgrave, minus the Frost. As with all their mats, it’s available in 3×3, 4×4 and 6×4 sizes, in PVC, Cloth and Mousemat materials.

Deep Cut continue to expand their excellent range of products – as I was looking through their website I spotted their ‘Space Hulk’ mat which I don’t think I’ve seen before – that’s really nice too! Seriously, I could spend a lot of money with this company…

dcs miniature-game-mat-space-hulk-theme-4x6

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