Monday Night Gaming – Return to Arkham Horror: The Card Game

arkham horror dunwich legacy 2Last night saw myself and The Halfling Hickman return to play a game of Arkham Horror: The Card Game – the first time since August 2018!

After a slight delay as we

a) Re-familiarised ourselves with the rules and
b) Tried to find all the cards we needed for the scenario in Mr Hickman’s filing ‘system’

We started a new campaign – The Dunwich Legacy – whilst deciding to carry on using characters from the base game, along with their starter decks. Dave was playing ‘Skids’ O’Toole whilst I was playing Daisy Walker. Since we hadn’t played the game for ages Dave decided that we should try the game on I want to experience the story level – otherwise known as Easy.

Without giving away too many spoilers for the adventure, we were tasked with trying to find Warren Rice, Professor of Languages at the Miskatonic University. He was last seen on the University grounds.

_20200107_085341.JPGThe adventure saw us moving between the various locations of the University Campus, where we quickly encountered a couple of Thralls, which we managed to kill. Initial investigations of the whereabouts of Prof. Rice proved fruitless, and we discovered that several areas of the campus were inaccessible without the keys, which were held by the Janitor – ‘Jazz’ Mulligan.

Having found him, Daisy persuaded ‘Jazz’ to accompany her, at which point all hell broke loose in the game. Daisy ran to the Dormitories whilst Skids attempted to hide from  some nasty beast which appeared to be stalking him.

Drawing the next set of cards from the Encounter Deck, Daisy suddenly found herself locked out of the Dormitories and engaged with another Thrall, who caused 3 wounds on Daisy as she attempted to fight it off, thus defeating her.

_20200107_085621.JPGAt this point, Skids decided that discretion was the better part of valour, managed to evade the monster engaged with him just before he lost his sanity and resigned the game.

Easy? You call that easy?

I believe that one of the strengths of AHTCG is that when you play a scenario, the campaign moves on regardless of the outcome. The result of each scenario has implications for the campaign. Having failed the first scenario dismally, we find ourselves in the situation where we believe that Professor Rice has been kidnapped, we are wracked with guilt for being unable to help the students at the university (who appear to have been attacked by some foul beast – surely nothing to do with us?!) and Daisy is suffering a permanent wound.

Overall, not a good start.

However, the session reminded us of what a good game Arkham Horror: The Card Game actually is.

2 Comments on Monday Night Gaming – Return to Arkham Horror: The Card Game

  1. Peter Goodrick // January 7, 2020 at 20:18 // Reply

    Played it a couple of times with mr cake Douglas but found it a bit too awkward and scripted. Decided these lcgs are not for me

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