Ex-Illis Kickstarter now live…

exillis ksSeeking to rise phoenix-like, the new Ex-Illis Kickstarter has just gone live.

Ex-Illis is a fantasy miniatures wargame, set in an alternative history timeline. It’s the 13th Century, but due to the Flael, a strange fog that has spread over Europe, the world is very different. Now monstrous creatures, angels & demons walk the earth. Heroes of old appear reborn and the world has descended into chaos and war.

The game was originally launched as a computer moderated game, but Chinchilla Games are looking to produce a hardback rulebook, bringing the complete gaming experience to a more traditional tabletop wargaming audience.

A Couple of Heros - A Decurion (The angel-like figure) and William Wallace (in the blue with the red cloak)

A Couple of Heros – A Decurion (The angel-like figure) and William Wallace (in the blue with the red cloak)

Ex-Illis is one of my favourite tabletop wargames. It has an excellent set of base mechanics, and I’m looking forward to seeing this in the flesh.

$70 CAD may seem expensive, until you realise that with the current exchange rate, $1 CAD = £0.60, so the rulebook actually costs about £42 incl. postage – especially if you get the early bird pledge

You can find out more here.

4 Comments on Ex-Illis Kickstarter now live…

  1. to paraphrase a well known show here in the UK “I’m in”

  2. Neil those figures are painted, whats going on?

  3. 50k seems like a big ask.

    • Agreed. But at the same time, given that they would want a reasonable sized print run of a hardback book around 300 pages long, I would suggest that $50,000 CAD (about £30,000) is not unduly unreasonable to cover print costs…

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