Meeples & Miniatures launches on Patreon

mm-patreon-logo-250-wideAfter a year or so of procrastination, we have finally launched a Patreon campaign for the Meeples & Miniatures Podcast.

Patreon is a crowdfunding website for people who create –  be that podcasts, videos, music…all sorts of stuff.

In short, it’s another – perhaps easier – way of supporting the show, should you so wish.

There are a number of support levels available – hopefully they are all self explanatory, but if not, feel free to ask us any questions.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us in our first 10 years of podcasting. We will continue to try and make the best show we possibly can.

5 Comments on Meeples & Miniatures launches on Patreon

  1. Hi Neil, This is a great way to get the stable funding your show very much deserves.

    One thing that is not clear is how often the podcast will be published and if the Patreon pledge amount is charged each time. For example, if I pledge $10, will it be this amount per month or as many times as the podcast is published per month? This is important because it means the difference between $10 or $30, $40 or more depending on podcast frequency.

    I’m happy to support, I just need some clarity on this first or, perhaps, direction to the place where I can read the fine print that you’ve already provided.

    Keep up the outstanding work!

    • Hi
      To clarify, the pledge amount is every time we produce a podcast, which (at the moment) is weekly.
      However, as I understand it, when you set up your pledge, you can limit the amount that you are charged per month. So it’s a combination of pledge level, plus a maximum monthly cost which you choose when you pledge.

      For example, you can pledge at the $10 level, but then stipulate no more than $20 a month.
      Hope that makes sense.

      We are trying to make it as flexible as possible. Does that answer your question?

  2. Yes, it does. After going into Patreon it’s easy to set a maximum monthly contribution rate which you can set up on your PayPal or credit card account which is then charged monthly.

    For me (in Canada) it uses USD as the currency but it’s easy to calculate how much of your ‘home’ currency you want to spend.

    • Excellent to hear.
      I’d hoped it was as easy as that – but with these things you never can tell until it actually happens.

      Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together 😀

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