A surprise delivery from Osprey

I had a surprise email a couple of days ago from Osprey Publishing, asking me if I’d be interested in reviewing a new set of rules that they were publishing. As always, I was very keen…

The parcel arrived in the post, and I was very pleasently surprised. There was a bag…

An in the bag were a couple of rather nice books…

Yes the new edition of Force On Force from Ambush Alley Games, now being published by Osprey Publishing, has arrived!

I’ve only had chance to have a brief leaf through the books so far, but they look sumptuous – so look out for a review coming to a podcast near you soon!

3 Comments on A surprise delivery from Osprey

  1. You lucky devil. 15 minute unboxing review show immediately demanded.

  2. I entered a contest to win one of those at Ambush Alley! Maybe you could put yours up in a contest Neil “nudge, nudge, wink, wink”….


  3. I’m jealous. I’m looking forward to seeing these rules.

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