Hobby Streaks – accountability on Twitter

We have spoken in the past on the blog and podcast about ‘painting mojo’ and various ways of trying to maintain hobby output – back in 2015, Henry Hyde wrote a piece on this very subject.

The problem is that not many of us are particularly good at sticking with things – this is where accountability comes in. It seems that if we make ourselves accountable to someone else for what we do, we are better at keeping our promises – perhaps it’s the guilt of not doing what we said that keeps us in line – I’m sure that is a subject that would lend itself to several thousands of words of discussion…

Anyway, recently MrTummus1987 started the following thread on Twitter: Hobby Streaks. The rules are quite simple:

hobbystreakIf you want any help/encouragement in keeping up with your hobby, perhaps making yourself accountable to the Twitterverse is added incentive?

It’s an interesting idea – let’s see how long I can keep my streak going…

10 Comments on Hobby Streaks – accountability on Twitter

  1. For me the whole point of a hobby is that its a pleasurable pass time.
    Making it a daily chore turns it into little more than ironing shirts for work.

    • I take your point – I think it all boils down to how you motivate yourself.
      I have had previous conversations with The Great Guru about painting – he has always maintained that one of the best ways to get stuff painted is to always have a painting station set up, and do little and often, which is really what this is about.
      I’m a gamer first and a painter second, and I sometimes find it hard to get into the painting groove, so things like this help me (especially since I am OCD enough to want to paint all my own miniatures, despite my historical lack of output!)

      I love the end product of playing games with an army (of whatever size) you have painted yourself – but I must admit that I do find painting a bit of a chore at times. 30 minutes a day is a (relatively) easily achievable goal – if I end up really getting into a figure and spending several hours painting, all to the good, but in the mean time, at least it means that my painting does move forward

  2. Colin Peake // November 20, 2017 at 07:17 // Reply

    Suddenly realized that even when traveling rules reading and podcast catch up keeps my streak going.
    However after listening to their Lardies Oddcast 2 and the further revelations regarding the Welsh Wizard
    I am now seeking therapy!
    But SAGA Rules – Read
    But Dux B rules – re-read
    Specter Operations – Read
    Rev 1 Forager Read
    878 Vikings – read
    M&M Podcast up to date
    Oddcast up to date

    I do try…….

  3. IMO hobby activity shouldn’t be measured as a streak, where if you miss a day you start back at zero. Instead of making you feel good about your streak you end up feeling anxious about the possibility of missing a day and having to start ‘from scratch’.

    It’s better to look at the results of sustained activity over time, rather than focus on maintaining a streak for its own sake.

    • The trouble is, I try to apply that same logic to writing blog updates, and end up feeling guilty for missing days with no update anyway…

      …perhaps I am just a lost cause…

  4. Not speaking from experience with this sort of thing, but…
    Perhaps the key to this regular 30 minute thing is to keep it being ‘fun’.

    • Exactly – if (as I do) you find painting more on an enforced side of the hobby, then the ’30 minute quick blast’ means that you still achieve results whilst not seeming to spend hours at the painting desk
      I like to spend hours on the odd occasion, but my lead/plastic/resin mountain is too big for me not to try and keep making constant inroads into it…

  5. To join in with this entertaining idea one must first be a Twit so that you can tweet on Twitter?
    I shall regretfully decline as I am not now, nor have I ever been a Twit.
    A Berk, mind you, is another matter.

  6. Quite a bit late, but I love this as a concept. Does playing a game count as 30 minutes? I find that some days I have too long lined up for a game, and that hurts my ability to do hobby work

    • According to the man himself, MrTummus1987, the streak is #hobbystreak not #paintingstreak, so any hobby related activities, such as gaming or podcasting counts, which is good.

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