Too Fat Lardies – Christmas Special 2014 available

TFLxmas 2014The 2014 Christmas Special from Too Fat Lardies is now available from the TFL website.

The PDF is available for £6.00.

Once again, Richard & Nick (plus many friends) treat us to a holiday wargaming special to keep us busy on the long, cold winter nights.

This time we are offered a conversion of Chain of Command for the Great War, plus an accompanying mini-campaign.

We get scenarios for (amongst other things) Sharpe Practice, I Ain’t been Shot Mum, Chain of Command, Kiss Me Hardy, Charlie Don’t Surf and Bag the Hun, and features include a look at the forthcoming Modern Chain of Command variant: Fighting Season, converting Sharp Practice for the Plains War and using “29, Let’s Go” at company, rather than platoon level.

A rather nice digital stocking filler!

‘To The Strongest’ Ancients rules released

To The StrongestSimon Miller has just released his new set of fast-play Ancients rules: ‘To The Strongest‘.

No measurement. No Dice.

The game is designed as an introduction-level game of ancient warfare, but with enough challenge for seasoned players.

It is played on a table with a square grid layout, which means that not only is movement fast, but it is also possible to play using figures that are based for different systems, and frontage is less important. In this respect it works much more like a boardgame rather than a traditional wargame.

Depending upon the size and scale of the units involved, the game can be played on anything from a 60cm x 40cm table to a 240cm x 180cm table. The recommended size is a 180cm x 120cm table with a 15cm square grid, using approx. a dozen units a side.

Both initiative and combat use a deck of playing cards, which means that the system is completely diceless.

The game is designed to be scalable, so you can play it with 2 players, or play a large multi-player game with equal ease.

The rules are available from the BigRedBat shop, and are priced at £9.99.  Free army lists are also available to download.

The gaming room – scenery project update…

Just a quick update on the scenery project – I forgot to take pictures, so this will only be a quick update…

Last week was left with lots of stuff waiting to dry, so hopefully we could crack on this week:

First job was to apply a PVA/water mix to the clump foliage on the rough hedges to secure it all in place (and ensure that it has longevity) Only flock/static grass left to apply once this has dried and these are all done.

Next up was to apply sand to the box hedge basing – this was a bit of a pain as we had to avoid getting glue on the actual hedge. We definitely did these the wrong way around, and we’ll need to make sure that any more that we do are done by applying sand first, and flock the hedge last.

We then had to apply sand to the bocage bases. This was complicated by the fact that the craft clay that we’d applied to the wooden bases to make the banks for the hedging had separated when it dried, so job number one was to glue these lengths of clay back down to the wooden bases with a hot glue gun – something that turned out to be a very messy job! These are now ready to basecoat next week when they are dry.

Next up was to drybrush some area terrain which we’d basecoated last week. We’d used a dark brown colour for this (‘Java Bean’ from Wilkinson’s emulsion range) which, when dry, was an unexpected very dark brown. However, three drybrush coats later and they were not looking too bad at all. Flock was then applied and left to dry. Final touches of static grass will be applied next week.

Finally, we painted up several more scenic bases with basecoat – we’d applied sand and/or rocky outcrops to these last week to make areas of impassable terrain and some minefields. The fun bit of drybrushing and applying flock/scatter will have to wait until next week.

We only suffered one disaster (if you ignore the exploding bottle of homebrew!) which was our first attempt a making a dry-stone wall, which only partially worked – we think we used too weak a mixture of PVA/Water, so the mix never really set properly, and crumbled when we removed in from the mould. This time we have tried it using neat PVA instead – we’ll see what the results are next week.

Hopefully, lots of stuff to take pictures of next week – I think we’ve got enough material to make a podcast out of this by the time we’re finished.

Fencing, walls, roads, rivers and marsh / ponds left to do after this. Oh, and some buildings…

The great ‘Meeples & Miniatures sell-off’ continues – opportunity to own rare painted minis!

I’m continuing with my ‘wargaming project streamlining’…otherwise known as selling off all that stuff which I now know I have little or no chance of ever getting near a gaming table.

This time around it includes primarily stuff for Blood Bowl, as I will not be playing this game again anytime in the foreseeable future (not when Dreadball is available to play) and Firestorm Armada, which was one of those ‘seemed like a good idea at the time’ projects.

The Blood Bowl auctions include a couple of rare treats, as I’m actually selling two fully painted teams (as anyone who listens to the podcast will know, miniatures painted by my own fair hand are currently few and far between)

$_57The full list is:

Painted Blood Bowl Dwarf team

Painted Blood Bowl Chaos Dwarf team

Blood Bowl 2nd Ed. ‘Astrogranite’ pitch

Heresy Football Ogre

Heresy Football Boris

Heresy Football Barbarian

Heresey Football Human

Hasslefree Football Jo

Hasslefree Football Danni

Hasslefree Football Kalee

Blood Bowl plastic Dwarfs (6)

Blood Bowl Plastic Elves (16)

Blocking Dice

The Firestorm Armada stuff comprises of Terran and Dindrenzi starter fleets, with carriers and escorts

terranTerran Alliance starter fleet

Terran Carrier

Terran Escorts

Dindrenzi Federation starter fleet

Dindrenzi Carrier

Dindrenzi Escorts

Civilian Ships

Firestorm Armada rulebook and cards

other items include

Die-cast 1/48th scale Hanomag 251/C (boxed)

Die-cast 1/48th scale Hanomag 251/C (unboxed)

Osprey – US Torpedo Boats

Osprey – French Poilu, 1914 – 18

I think there are a couple of bargains to be had…

Kickstarter updates – Fallen Frontiers / Conquest of the Gods

I just wanted to give people a brief update on a couple of Kickstarter projects that I’ve featured on the blog in the last couple of weeks. They’ve had very different fortunes.

Fallen Frontiers reboot

77430f79f7689ab1739d495b29ed836a_largeThis project is just about to enter it’s final 48 hours of funding. Currently it’s just over 200% funded, as has some interesting stuff available with some very nice looking minis.

Conquest of the Gods

conquestUnfortunately the funding for this project has now been cancelled. The project was originally quite well supported, but funding had been dropping quite dramatically, and so the decision has been made cancel the kickstarter and bring the project back to market sometime next year.

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