Salute 2014 – Terrain manufacturer’s tables

A big show like Salute (was it really only a week ago?) gives the opportunity for people to indulge their creative side in producing some excellent terrain for their games – this goes for both gamers and manufacturer’s alike – indeed, one of the challenges for manufacturers is to show the potential of what can be achieved using their products.

Here are a couple of examples that caught my eye.

First off, the table from Oshiro Model Terrain, always worth a look, especially as it’s one of my favourite periods.


DSCF0411 DSCF0410

DSCF0413 DSCF0408Next up, 4Ground - perhaps many gamer’s current MDF building manufacturer of choice. Here are the display tables they produced, including a new range of fantasy buildings:















Salute 2014 – Too Fat Lardies

Richard and Nick were running games of Chain of Command at Salute this year, using a host of scratch built terrain which Rich has been building for the past few weeks (all details can be found on the Lard Island Blog)

The game itself, I’m sure you’ll agree, looked fantastic.






Nick frantically trying to learn the rules before the show opens!  :-)
Nick frantically trying to learn the rules before the show opens! :-)

The game seemed to be popular all day – this next shot was taken mid-afternoon, when the crowd around the table was two-deep


It just goes to show that you can make a fantastic looking game without having to spend a fortune on terrain, it just takes a few days time and effort.

I’m looking forward to playing this game at the second Market Larden event in Evesham in June.


Salute 2014 – Gripping Beast & Studio Tomahawk (with Mike Hobbs)

I’ve finally managed to get some time to grab my photos of Salute 2014 from my camera. I’ll be posting some pictures of a few games over the next few days.

First off, let’s look at the Gripping Beast stand, especially as fellow podcast host Mike Hobbs was running demo games of Jugula all day.



DSCF0349As well as Jugula, Gripping Beast & Studio Tomahawk also had initial miniatures and battle boards for their new Saga game; The Crescent & The Cross on display, along with a lovely looking siege game.



















Warbands & Legions on Kickstarter

There is a Kickstarter project running at the moment for an Ancients wargame called ‘Warbands & Legions‘.

4831510dcb91ead418ce76e23c8e0959_largeWhilst I’m currently unconvinced by either the graphic design of the game (It’s OK – just a little too cartoon-like for my taste) or the game itself, what peaked my interest was one of the pledges, which gives you a 4′ x 3′ foam backed playmat for £35.

This looks to be similar to the sort of playmat the Mantic have produced for Deadzone – if it is, then it will be worth a look – especially as it’s size will be ideal for playing many tabletop wargames. It’s also post-free in the UK.

The Warbands & Legions is already funded, and is due to finish on the 31st March, with deliver promised for April.


Coming soon: A new way to listen to Meeples & Miniatures…

my_app_image_480_854_160_20140317 (1)One of the (many) things that has changed since the Meeples & Miniatures Podcast started, way back on the 25th January 2007, is the way that people listen to podcasts.

Back then, your choice was simply either to download from iTunes, or from the web. Since then, the smart phone revolution has happened, and it seems that half the world now has access to a multitude of Apps for anything they could ever wish for.

It’s also changed the way that people have access to podcasts – so I’ve decided to bring the show into the 21st Century, and make the show available via an app.

The actual nuts and bolts of doing this is being handled by my hosting service, Libsyn, but I spent yesterday evening putting together a myriad of splash screens of various shapes and sizes – nothing fancy, just lots of screens with the show logo on them.

Everything has now been submitted for build. Apparently the process takes about two weeks, but after that the Meeples & Miniatures podcast app should be available. I’ll update you when it arrives.

ambient soundscape

Silver Arrow launch new ‘Ambient Soundscapes’ Kickstarter

Following the success of his first Kickstarter campaign “The Wilderness – Soundscapes for Tabletop Gaming”, Scott Morton of Silver Arrow Audioworks has recently launched a new Kickstarter project: Ambient Soundscapes Vol II.

ambient soundscape 2The first project delivered a total of 42, 10 minute tracks. These featured background sounds ranging from Deserted Castles to a Medieval City, from Windswept Heath to and Adventures Tavern, with each track being available with and without accompanying music,  and available in several audio formats including Stereo MP3 and full surround sound. The production quality was very high, and ideal for use as atmosphere music – especially during RPG sessions.

The new project will feature 15 new tracks, but also features a new product;  the Fantasy Soundscape Construction Kit, which will allow the user to create their own unique soundscapes.

The new Kickstarter project is running until Wednesday 26th March. As someone who bought the original set, I’d highly recommend that you take a look.


Dreadball – homage to it’s (unintentional) roots?

dreadball coverThe very first time that I saw the cover of Dreadball when Mantic Games launched the KS for the game, my immediate thought was “that looks like Speedball”.

speedball2If you have listened to Episode #93 of the podcast, you will know that I put this to Jake Thornton at the time – he replied that Speedball had completely passed him by, and he found the cries of “Ice Cream! Ice Cream!” during the very first playtest day to be somewhat bemusing,  until someone explained the origin of that particular chant.

If you are not in-the-know, Speedball 2 is a computer game from the 1980′s, designed by the Bitmap Brothers. It depicts a violent futuristic ball game, something like handball,  set in an metallic arena. The comparisons with Dreadball are obvious(I’d played it a huge amount on my Sega Mega-Drive)

253056_fullMantic Games have just announced that, as part of the current Dreadball Xtreme Kickstarter, they have teamed up with Bitmap Brothers to produce a new MVP: Hector Weiss, the star of the cover of the original Speedball game.

e8f117bf21711205eb39f010eff637e0_largeYou had me at Speedball…

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