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Pulp Alley AAR – Mike Hobbs- The Castle of Clichés, Part III

DSCF0345 - CopyPodcast host Mike Hobbs presents the third part of his Pulp Alley AAR…

It was another foggy night and Black Boris the leader of the “the Dark Night gang” was wandering the streets of the tiny village of Kurtafstein* alone, he needed this time to think and the silence of the night helped him do this. He was working out of the best way to persuade his beaten up band of ne’er-do-wells to join him in another trip into the nearly deserted castle, but for some reason they weren’t too keen. It may have been because they got the stuffing kicked out of them last time and none of them wanted to face the castle owner again, but Boris knew there was gold in that their castle and he wanted it.

NOTE for more details on this see the last article I wrote


It was at this point Boris realised he was not alone as a grey skinned man wearing some very old fashioned clothes stepped out of the mist in front of him and smiled a fangy smile

The rest of the “the Dark Night gang” were in the village pub when they heard a high pitched girly scream in the distance, “Sounds like the Boss has got into trouble again” said Mr Choppy “I guess we should go and have a look to see what he’s done now”

And so the “the Dark Night gang” wandered into the darkness to find their lord and master**

In the previous 2 articles covering Pulp Alley I’ve set the games in a dungeon environment and added a few tweaks to the rules to handle this, but this game was played using a standard scenario setting with no tweaks at all, which gave me the perfect opportunity to describe who scenarios are generated.

So before starting the game I had to convert the characters I’ve used in the previous 2 games into a standard League (the name for a gang in Pulp Alley)

This wasn’t too difficult as Vlad became my leader, DoctorJ/MrH was his trusty sidekick and all the minions became level 1 followers. I also added a ‘League Perk’ called ‘Altar’ which meant I had the possibility of expanding my League with 3 more characters, so in total I had the possibility of fielding 11 figures in my League (I was going for quantity over quality here)

Mark who had finished last week’s game with 2 plot points had spent them on adding a level 2 minion to his League and a few extra minor changes.

So onto the scenario, there are 6 basic scenarios in the rule book and we decided to play one called ‘Death Trap’ as this seemed to follow the story arc we had played so far. The scenario starts with 1 leader separated and surrounded by the enemy whilst the rest of the league race to rescue him, it also has a nice twist where the isolated leader takes on the role of the major plot point and can be captured by the other side.

Mark allowed me to set up the terrain before he arrived, so I created a small village (the afore mentioned Kurtafstein) on a 3×3 sized table, we then rolled for Scenario events.



Scenario events are little twists that players roll for before a game, Mark got the ‘Reconnoitre’ event, which meant that no character could run, shoot or otherwise engage another character in combat on turn 1, whilst I got ‘Familiar area’ which allowed me to shift my dice up 1 when rolling initiative.

Next up we each picked 3 perilous areas in the village, this was done by picking areas of the table or by using figures to represent areas, after much thinking we decided the crossroads in the village, all high fences, the town drunks, a nervous looking gentlemen and Rex the guard dog would count as perils. Rex the guard dog was off his lead so we included a rule where he would move 3” in a random direction at the end of each turn.

Next up we diced for Initiative, which is normally a d6 roll with the highest score winning, but because of my roll on the scenario events I rolled a d8 and won. This also allowed me to choose if I would play defender or attacker, so I choose to be the attacker. At this point I also rolled my league perk (a d6 roll) and managed to get a 5 which meant I got the extra characters in my league

Now Mark had to deploy his league, his leader would be placed within 6” of one corner whilst the rest of his league would be placed within 12” of the opposite one, then I had to place my whole league with 12” of his leader.

Finally we took turns and placed the other 4 plot points on the table, each plot point as marked with a figure or a piece of terrain and a small glass bead so we didn’t mix up plot points with perils, at the end of all this the table was set up and we could start the game


In turn 1 we knew we couldn’t run or engage an enemy in combat so in the set up phase I placed my figures around Marks leader and once the game started I made Mark activate his characters first. His gang moved forward ready to run to the aid of Boris in the next turn, with the exception of Mr Choppy who moved up to a plot point and managed to complete the challenge, this meant Mark had the initiative. However Boris hadn’t activated yet and was still surrounded by the majority of my gang


So in a typical Boris move he jumped over a low wall and ran for it, or rather he walked for it as it was still turn 1. With all of Marks activations complete he was forced to make me activate, so 5 of my minions followed Boris whilst Vlad and Doctor J went hunting for plot points


I worked out that even though Boris was the major plot point and was worth 3 Victory points I still had to capture a few more plot points to win the game, so I had to split my forces. The other problem I had was only Vlad and Doctor J were experienced enough to have a chance of getting a plot point and holding onto it when it was in there control. This meant I had to try and use my level one followers to swamp Marks characters and try and slow them up whilst my leader and sidekick ran around collecting the plot points.

In turn 2 Mark made a tactical mistake and forced me to activate, I think he thought he would be better off making my followers move into base contact with his leader one by one as this would allow him to thin the herd a bit before he ran for it, instead I moved a good portion of my league towards the center of the table aiming to get the plot points and I also used Vlads ability to summon minions to add a few more figures to the table



I did move one of my minions into base contact with Boris and it didn’t end well as it got knocked out and removed from the table, but still Mark made me activate and so I moved a level 2 minion into base contact with Boris and somehow managed to win the brawl, this meant I had the initiative again and I was then able to get the rest of my gang in to surround Boris


Because of the way multiple combat works by the end of the turn all Mark could do to was to dodge my attacks and I was able to swarm around him and pin him down.

Turn 3 was a blur, I used the initiative to move up and use Doctor J to grab a plot point whilst Vlad raced across the table ready to grab another, I had 3 minions armed with crossbows commanding the center of the table which meant Marks group had to try and out flank me


Boris was holding his own against the swarm of minions that surrounded him but he was losing health and he couldn’t last much longer.

It was at this point that I completely forgot to take any more pictures, so I should just summarise the last 3 turns.

In Turn 4 Doctor J turned into Mr H using his shape shifter ability and moved towards yet another plot point, Vlad got to his plot point and failed to capture it (curses), Mr Choppy started running towards a ladder that would allow him to get over a perilous fence, the rest of his gang where engaged in a shooting match with my crossbow men and it was neck and neck but my superior numbers were starting to have an effect.

Turn 5 – Vlad won his plot point, Mr H got to his and won it, Mr Choppy made it over the fence and charged towards Mr H but was too far back to catch him and then finally Boris took enough wounds to knock him out. And at the end of the turn Mark failed his recovery roll so Boris was converted into a major plot point that I managed to win and I gave to Vlad to look after.

Half way through turn 6 Mark worked out he was unable to catch me and so conceded the game

The result was 4 plots to me and 6 victory points to 1 plot point and 1 victory point to Mark, a landslide win for my team, maybe Stalin had the right idea and quantity does beat quality.

Well that pretty much completes the 3 after action reports I promised to write for Pulp Alley, even though this game is based on Pulp games set in the 20’s and 30’s it is easily adaptable to games in other genres, my next idea is to use it in a pulp sci-fi setting so look out for more on that in the coming months

* it’s a made up name any village called Kurtafstein doesn’t exist

** Well they finished dinner first and had a few more drinks, but then they went out to see what the screaming was all about.


Small Imagi-Nations?

520We’ve just finished recording episode 133 of the Podcast, which features a review of Donnybook, a set of skirmish rules for the 17th & 18th Century, written by Clarence Harrison and Barry Hilton, and published by the League of Augsburg.

During our review, we discussed the fact that these rules would be ideal for an imagi-nations type game, and so after the recording finished I went looking for some suitable miniatures for a couple of armies, thinking that I could use the Wargames Factory 28mm plastic box sets as a relatively cheap starting point.

I was surprised to discover that a new range of official League of Augsburg miniatures has just been released by Pendraken Miniatures. As well as these ‘official’ miniatures, many of their other renaissance figures would also be suitable.

Pendraken produce some excellent figures in 10mm, and these look very nice indeed – what is more, given the size of the packs, it would be perfectly possible to build two armies to battle each other using these rules for approx. £20 – £30 (splitting packs in half to give figures for both sides).

If you wanted some buildings, you could look at the range from Magister Militum as a starting point

Given that the original Donnybrook game is aimed at using 28mm minis on a 4′ x 4′ table, you could play the game on a 2′ x 2′ table, and reduce all ranges to centimetres.

A new game for a pretty small outlay – very tempting indeed…


The Other Partizan 2014 – trials and tribulations of a new camera

The Other Partizan show, organised by the Newark Irregulars, was last Sunday. This is one of my local shows, so I usually try to attend.

This time, given that I missed the show earlier in the year, I thought I’d challenge my new camera to try and take some decent photos in the Dome of Kelham Hall – a location which is always somewhat challenging due to the low levels of natural light and dim artificial lighting. Despite having my tripod with me, the results were somewhat mixed.

Here are a few of the pics I took

Westbury Wargamers - 28mm Arthurian - The Battle of Gwen Ystrad
Westbury Wargamers – 28mm Arthurian – The Battle of Gwen Ystrad

You can immediately see that even in the more well lit areas of the show, exposure times were quite long. I tried some close-ups, with mixed success. This was the best:



Note – I didn’t move the camera from the wide shot, but simply zoomed in, so I was quite pleased with how close to the action I could get.


Trying the same trick with the “Phooey to Franco” Chain of Command Spanish Civil War game from Mansfield Wargames Club. This seemed to work too (I did adjust the angle slightly on this one)



Others didn’t quite come off. I took several pictures of The Great War Miniatures WW1 game, and couldn’t quite work out why the results were so mixed…





Whilst the close up of the German cavalry was I believe simply down to horrible light (cameras can’t work miracles) I was perplexed by the apparent shake taken with a tripod (something which had happened on several pictures that I’d taken) – until I realised what I’d done.

Kelham Hall is a somewhat cramped place to navigate at the best of times, so I was trying not to be in the way whilst taking pictures. As a result I wasn’t fully widening the legs of my tripod. To stop any possibility of it moving, I rested my hand on the apex of the legs. The trouble is, considering the exposure times were averaging between 3.5 – 4.5 seconds, I was inadvertently shaking the tripod with my hand, rather than using the golden rule of ‘press the shutter and step away’.

The picture of the Highlanders above is by far the best of this bunch, but had an exposure time of a whopping 6.5 seconds.

(It’s also worth noting that I had my film speed set to ISO 100 – really not best for the light conditions, although I was trying to avoid any issues with picture degradation due to ISO speed, so need to ensure I adjust that in future!)


I was also struggling with the auto-focus at times. This picture of the World War I game from Telford S.T.A.G.S. included a couple of aircraft on strafing runs. I was attempting to get a shot with the aircraft in focus and the target out of focus, but could not get the camera to co-operate. I think it still works, but not as well as I’d hoped.


When it did work, the pictures came out nicely. The above picture is a close-up of one of the VBCW games, of particular interest because of the building (though I can’t remember why! Mike Whitaker did point it out to me – he will have to remind me!) But again, a massive exposure time. This one is 8 seconds.

I had another play around with close-ups and depth of field whilst taking shots of Simon Miller’s game of the Battle of Pydna – a game of truly epic proportions in both table size and number of figures (somewhere in excess of 2,500!)




An experiment in just how deep my depth-of-field focus would go…

DSCF1959Again, exposure times on the close-ups are between 3.5 – 4.2 seconds

 Finally, one of the shots of my particular favourite game of the day: a Muskets & Tomahawks game by Lincoln Miniature Wargames Society, which truly invoked the spirit of the Canadian frontier



You could, of course, always try bringing your own illumination. Henry Hyde was trying out the lighting rig for his camera that he has talked about in the September issue of Miniature Wargames. It will be interesting to see how those pictures turned out.


On the whole a pretty good day, none the least because I managed to catch up a little with people like Nick Skinner, Richard Clarke, Phil Hendry, Martin from Warbases, Richard Kemp, Paul Brook, Peter Berry, Mike Whitaker and Henry Hyde – my show experience is no longer one of buying goods (I didn’t purchase a single thing!) but rather a much more social occasion…which is what tabletop wargaming is really all about.

As for the photography? A bit disappointed that so few of the photos I’d taken actually came out well – although this is pretty much par for the course in photography, with the only golden rule still being to take lots of pictures and hope that one comes out – a much easier (and cheaper!) proposition in this age of digital photography!



Battle Systems: You had me at “Sewers”

On Friday I posted about the new Battle Systems Fantasy Dungeon Kickstarter

Over the weekend they posted their next Stretch Goal, which was a sewer system upgrade.(Available at £106,000)

This looks really good, and is enormously versatile – sewers can be used in so many different game genres, but if you’ve ever looked at buying a resin sewer system, the cost is rather large.

This will give you a similar feel at a fraction of the cost. The final nail is in the coffin, I’ll find the funds from somewhere…





You can find this latest goodness on the Battle Systems Fantasy Dungeon Terrain Kickstarter page


Spotlight on…Battle Systems Fantasy Dungeon Terrain Kickstarter

Last year I backed a Kickstarter project from UK Company Battle Systems to produce a set of high quality card stock modular terrain suitable for Sci-Fi gaming:

image01-sfThe result, which was delivered a few weeks ago, was very well produced indeed, and allows you to produce some fantastic multi-level layouts for a fraction of the cost it would be to build these sets in resin or MDF, with the added advantage of not requiring painting either – expect to see examples of this scenery turning up on the pages of this blog in the future.

What stood out for me during this whole project was the level of engagement and communication that Battle Systems had with their customers. They kept everyone informed of exactly what was going on at every step. In short, one of the best organised and run Kickstarter projects that you are likely to see.

However, no sooner had the sci-fi terrain been shipped, but Battle Systems launched a new Kickstarter project. Similar to their last project, this time the scenery is for Fantasy Dungeon Terrain.

bs fantasy 2

As you can see, similar but different.

The project funded in 13 minutes, and at time of writing the total pledge amount stands at just over £96,000 – and there are still 15 days to go.

As well as the basic dungeon layout, several add-ons have already been funded, including a mine

bs fantasy 6

A Great Hall

bs fantasy 3

and even some sort of mystic portal, which looks strangely familiar…

bs fantasy 4

Future stretch goals would appear to include sewers…

bs fantasy 5

This looks to be an ideal scenery set, not only for those people who want a dungeon crawl or an RPG setting, but also as an historical castle setting for medieval games (imagine Robin Hood or King Arthur fighting in the halls) or perhaps you could use it as a dark, brooding castle for you games of Gothic Horror. With the sneak preview of the sewers, maybe you could even use this as a setting for underground Victorian London?

bs fantasy 2The basic Dungeon Pledge costs £78, and gives you all the scenery shown here, plus several addition add-on sheets that come free as part of the kickstarter (extra walls, room items and even a double door with a portcullis)

Add-ons such as the Great Hall and the Mine could take your spending close to £100, and I’m sure that the sewers would come in most useful too.

This may seem like a lot of money for printed card, but again I would stress that it is a very good quality product, and a similar layout in MDF, plastic or resin would be far more expensive.

The project is due to deliver in July 2015.

You could wait until then to buy this product, but Battle Systems are actually offering a very good deal as far as extra free ‘stuff’ that you get as a bonus for backing the project, so if you think this may be useful, it’s worth looking at backing this now. I’m very pleased with the quality and look of the Sci-Fi set, and assume this will be of a similar ilk.

You can find out more about this project on the Battle Systems Kickstarter pagebs fanasy 1




pulp alley

Pulp Alley AAR – Mike Hobbs- The Castle of Clichés, Part II

DSCF0345 - CopyPodcast host Mike Hobbs presents the second part of his Pulp Alley AAR…

The rain was pouring down as the “the Dark Night gang” moved silently towards the Castle, it was only a few days since their last visit and the gang were eager to see what lay behind the hallway door. The moon was high in the sky and a few of them wondered about the legends they’d heard of the monster who strikes at night and rips out the hearts of men and women alike, the rest wondered why they weren’t doing this in daylight when no attacks ever happened.

After last week’s thrilling adventure playing Pulp Alley Marks league “the Dark Night gang” had completed the scenario and escaped from the Castle with 3 “Plot Points” which included the “Major Plot Point” this now allowed him to regroup, rearm and get ready for part 2 of the campaign.

In Pulp Alley scenarios have a number of “Plot Points” and players try to capture them, and they all give a number of Victory points which are used to work out the winner of the game, but winning a plot point also allows a player to draw a “Reward” card.

The reward cards have 2 sections, the first one gives a benefit that players can use in the scenario they are currently playing, or a Resource that can be used to advance their league post game. Players have to choose if they want to use the benefit now or after the game they can’t do both. In our last game Mark had kept all the reward cards so he could the benefits post game (he’s clever like that)

EDIT — after chatting to the Pulp Ally team Mike has found out that this rule is wrong and both sections of the record card can be used, so players get an immediate benefit from winning a plot point plus they get a reward to use after the game

After a game a few things happen;-

Firstly players increase the reputation of their League by the number of Victory Points they’ve collected and as their Reputation increases extra League Perks are made available (these things like giving extra fortune cards or getting an extra slot to use in the league roster)

Secondly they need to record the Resources and Experience that are listed on the Reward Card so they can spend them before the next scenario

Next the players get to reorganise their league, they can remove characters and add new ones (except the Leader that is) and then they can see if any characters who didn’t make it through the scenario actually recover. This is an optional rule but it allows for players to roll on the aptly named “Harrowing Escape” table which gives a few fun options.

Then finally before the next scenario the players can decide what to do with all the Resources and Experience they have collected, they can spend or save them.

Experience points can be spent increasing characters abilities by 1 dice, but the amount of experience points required to do this is 1pt for each level of the character, so a leader needs 4 experience points to raise one of their abilities by 1 dice where as an ally would cost 2 XP to raise it by 1 dice. And just so you know there is only 1 experience point available in each scenario so they are rare things indeed.

There are 4 types of Resources in the game, they are Tips, Backup, Contact and Gear and they each give different benefits.

Tips – these allow you to take extra fortune cards during the scenario, choose a Scenario event (these change the scenario a bit) or they can be converted into Backup, Contact and Gear points.

Backup – these are characters that join the league for 1 game (red shirts in Star Trek terms)

Contacts – these are a collection of things that the player can use during a scenario to mess up the plans of their opponent, like getting a better chance of grabbing initiative at the start of a game, or even turning an enemy character into a member of their league mid game.

Lastly we have Gear which as you would expect are bits of kit that can be given to a character to use during the game, like a bulletproof vest, gas grenades, utility belt and even vehicles.

In our game Mark had 3 cards and got 1 point each for Gear, Contacts and Backup and he spent them all.

With his Gear point he got “Gadget X” which would allow him to pass 1 plot point test without rolling, this would have been really useful if only he remembered to actually use it

Contacts gave him “Rumour and Gossip” which translated to him drawing an extra fortune card in the first turn.

And he also got a level 1 shooter character with his Backup point.

So let’s re-join the action as “the Dark Night gang” sneak up to the Castle and make their way into the deserted hallway.


Olga the purple clad temptress loses the game of rock, paper, scissors with the rest of the gang and therefore has to open the door with key that Black Boris, the leader of “the Dark Night gang” managed to find last game. The door opens with a completed expected squeal (honestly why don’t castle owners oil the hinges) revealing a corridor. The corridor is completely ordinary with the exception of a missing section of flooring and 2 very large spikey contraptions beneath the gap.


Lets take another look at the floor trap as it took me ages to build


Olga moved into the corridor in the distance she could just make out another door and what looked like 2 switches on the wall, unfortunately between her and the switches was the ominous turning spikey thing.

Black Boris (so called because of his black cloak that he always wore) took one look at the gap and told Olga to get on with it and jump over.

The floor trap was an “Extreme Peril” which meant that jumping over it would require the character having to pass a test. I had the choice to play a fortune card from my hand for Olga to beat or we drew a random one from the deck. So I played one which in the best traditions of Pulp she failed to beat, took 2 hits, failed her health roll and fell into the pit.


Black Boris tutted and looked around for another volunteer at which point everyone looked away sheepishly, he was going to have to do it himself. So 1 jump, 1 challenge and 1 pass later Boris found himself on the other side of the pit looking at 1 locked door and 2 switches, one was close to the pit and the other close to the door. Boris had a 50-50 choice so he pulled the switch closest to the pit and the door swung open

“a shot rings out” I said, and placed 2 robed minions on the other side of the doorway, took the initiative for 1 action (same rules as last time) and fired at Boris. Boris with his lightning fast reflexes fired back and the minion fell wounded to the floor.


Sensing his master was in trouble Mr Choppy ran through the door, attempted to jump the pit, failed his challenge and fell in. Luckily Olga was there to cushion his fall and he wasn’t wounded, but he was at the bottom of a pit surrounded by turning spikey things and an unconscious Olga. The rest of the gang piled into the corridor to see if they could help out whilst the other minion charged Boris and took a bullet to the gut for his troubles.


At the end of the turn I managed to pass both my recovery rolls but Olga unfortunately didn’t and remained in the pit.

In the next turn Mr Choppy crawled out of the pit, probably using Olga’s body to stop the spikes from turning and pulled the other switch, the ground moved and slowly the floor closed over the pit


This left 2 minions to be dealt which the gang did in their usual style (i.e. badly) halfway through the battle Mr Choppy decided to open the door he found in the end of the corridor and revealed yet another minion lurking in a room with a spiral staircase descending into the darkness.

Eventually and with no further misadventures the gang managed to deal with the minions and found themselves at the top of some perilous looking stairs

Boris did the only sane thing and sent down his backup character, whilst muttering to Mr Choppy “if he falls I won’t have to pay him”

Remarkably he made it down the stairs so the rest of gang made their way down with only 1 small incident (it was a peril so I decide to play a couple of cards)


The gang found themselves in a small antechamber and in the darkness they could make out 3 stone sarcophagi and a stone ledge with shiny things on top (gasp! was it gold)


Boris in a display of bravery moved towards the gold just in time for me to say “a shot rings out” 2 more minions appeared out of the gloom. You know the score by now the gang all charged into the room and general carnage occurred, but 2 notable things happened in all the action; firstly one of the gang managed to get the lid off one of the sarcophagi and found a plot point, Boris leapt up onto the ledge and found another. Also they all noticed some strange smoke in the room to the far end of the crypt and was that some strange wailing?


Still the fighting went on until both minions were dispatched, Mr Choppy who was further forward then the rest of the gang had a perfect view as Vlad the owner of the castle stepped out of the smoke and smiled a fangy smile


Vlad is a special character called a Terror  and rules for them are introduced in Perilous island, Terrors are single figures that make up a league on their own, they are very powerful so I decided to only use some of the abilities allowed to give Marks group a fighting chance.

I gave him the Horror, Drain Life and Summon abilities

Horror is a Terror Ability that forces all enemies within 12” to make a health check or run away, I decided that characters had to have line of sight to Vlad for this to work, which brings us back to Mr Choppy who found himself gazing into Vlads undead eyes. He rolled his health dice, failed it and scampered back towards Boris who was still on the ledge probably counting his money

The next turn and Mark made me activate first, so I played my second ability “Summon” and out of the darkness appeared 2 imps. These were level 1 characters with the reanimated ability that meant they can’t dodge and only make a health roll when they receive 2 hits

Ok; I’ll admit it they are zombies, but come on we’ve had Vampires in this game we may as well have zombies as well


And carnage once again ensued, Vlad summoned up a few more minions, Allies and followers fought vainly on until only Mr Choppy and Boris remained, and then finally and with a huge gasp from the audience Mr Choppy went down and failed his recovery roll, the big guy was out of the game


Boris was alone in a dungeon full of Vampires and odd little undead imp like creatures (I don’t have any Zombie miniatures) so he took the only action he could think of and ran for it with the imps at his heels all the way home.

So at this point we finished the game, Mark was so happy with the game that he now wants to continue the adventure next week, so I have to come up with another scenario.

It was as you can imagine another fantastic game, I am continually amazed by how good they are and how easy it is to model different adventures. As before we didn’t refer to the rule book once and game just took on a life of its own; it was that natural.

So tune in next time for part 3 in the Castle of Clichés trilogy

For more info go to the Pulp Alley website, or if you are in the UK you can buy the rules at Statuesque Miniatures or get the PDFs via Wargames Vault 

Also, look out for episode 132 of the Meeples & Miniatures podcast (due to be published on the 15th September) which will contain an in-depth review of Pulp Alley.


Trying to get organised (again!)

After reading a link from a recent tweet from Henry Hyde, I was struck again by just how disorganised I am about this whole blogging and podcasting business especially when fellow podcast hosts, such as Mike Whitaker, manage to post a blog entry almost every day!

As you may have noticed, whilst I attempt to publish two podcast episodes a month, plus extra blog posts, the appearance of these is a somewhat random occurrence, and I’m grateful to everyone for having the patience of saints whilst waiting for the next update.

Well, with it being the start of a new academic year this week, I’m once again resolving to try and be somewhat more organised (I can hear the cheer from Wales from chez Hobbs at this point). My proposal is this:


I’ll be publishing shows on the 1st and 15th of each month, starting from the 1st September (although I might sneak another show in before the end of August, if I can get the ‘Valhalla’ show edited in time!)


I’ll be publishing three posts each week on the blog, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Monday will consist of any personal hobby updates (new models, painting etc!) Many of will assume that this is likely to be something of a short entry! It is, however, as much about challenging me to ensure that I get at least a little personal hobby time each week.

Wednesday will be a written review of a set of rules or a supplement.

Friday will be a round up of the bits of hobby news of the week that have caught my eye

Special Announcements

There might be special announcements from time to time which will fall outside the above timetable. These will obviously be of an ad-hoc nature


I haven’t had much chance to put together any vidcasts for some months now. However, I’d still love to do these,especially now that I have a camera which can also capture full HD movies. They are quite time consuming to produce (which is one reason why they haven’t appeared recently!) but I’m hoping that they may start appearing at weekends once life settles down a bit.


That’s the plan, but we all know that plans don’t tend to survive first contact with the enemy!

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